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Woken by anxiety

Ok so been awake since about 2ish with anxiety. This anxiety actually feels as it did when I had it last year. I'm actually lieing in bed with my head on pillow, phone in hand and kneeling as I find it more comfy when anxiety is with me. Usually I wud of woke other half up by now while crying with fear. I'm doing good tbf considering I haven't woken him up but he doesn't mind when I do. Even thou he doesn't really understand it (I don't think you do when uve never suffered it) I cud be wrong thou. He does try to understand and asks me wat I need him to do for me. I'm trying to keep my mind off it. I'm not bothered about if I sleep or not as long as I haven't got this anxiety bothering me. Listening to bruno mars and pink and singing along quietly. At least it takes my mind off anxiety which is what I need. Xxx

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Dear Donaf,

I am sorry to read that you had a rough or difficult night.

I hope that you are feeling better now.


Marcus xxx


It's so tough when you have nights like this. I had one a bit last night and I generally have a read. Good on you for trying so hard when it can be so difficult. Hope for better nights for us both. xx


I rock my self too sleep when my mind wonders and I get like that. I also play games on my phone as well. Some time I wake up with my phone still in my hand. As I have fallen asleep mid game. But rocking helps, seems a bit strange but it soothes me, I might help yourself just a tip. Xxxxx


i hope you have managed to calm yourseld and grab some sleep hun :) its not very nice at all :( but sounds like your starting to recognise what keeps it at bay diff ppl have diff coping ways. im still to find mine AGAIN hmmm yes i managed about 3 year ago to keep it at bay with the help of citalopram and valium as the citalopram made my anxiety worse before it got better i look back and think how did i cope with that. but then i was on embarrasing bodies for postnatal depression and anxiety and they gave me cbt which helped to. i stopped my meds as i felt i no longer needed to depend on them and a year and half later bam its back to its full potiential, i struggle to leave my home and struggle in crowded places incase a frwak out while im out or passs out. anyway enough about mine, have you noticed a trigger or pattern from the anxiety? are you on meds? and theres a really good book called (the feeling good handbook) our library might have one theres a few other books to, they have things like changing the way you think, how to diagnose your moods, the burns anxiety checklist, deperession check list, how to change the way you feel the four steps to hapiness and lots of other ways to cope. 4 years ago when i found it really hard and couldnt manage my anxiety i used to keep a diary and write all my feelings and why i think it was there even though the reason i thought could not have anything to do with it, just write anything that comes into your head like if you started to feel your anxiety come on write how you feel where you are who your with did anything happen. it helped me. hope your feeling better real soon anxiety is ****

jo x



Sorry to hear this and yes know how you feel. Anxiety is such a bug! I never knew there could be such a thing as anxiety problems or fear etc that could be so bad to the point of sleep etc. The annoying thing about anxiety is half the time we don't really know what we are actually anxious about. It's almost as if we have just have a button switched on in our system that is not meant to be switched on.

Switching on the small lamp and reading a book or getting up and making a cup of hot milk, saying a mini prayer or writing can be quite good for these mid-night anxiety attacks!

Also writing in your journal/diary daily can be a great way to start pin pointing what it is that could be bringing it on and also coming up with strategies to reduce it.

You seem to have a great partner which is good! Bless him!

It's great to have supportive people in your life :-)

Have a good week xx


Lol missed out sleep 'deprivation' in my msg above xx


hi donaf, it"s really awful when the attacks come at night,(partner sounds pretty understanding tho ) would it help if you took something at bedtime to help you sleep that little bit longer? do hope you get a good one tonight .lovexxx


Wow same here and I thought it was because I was alone. Sounds like anxiety can strike anyone in any situation. I've been waking up at 5 every morning as soon as the sun shows a tiny bit of light. I'm moving home and the place has a lot of bad memories attached to it. Last night I stayed at my dads and slept until 7 this morning still scared and anxious when I awoke. I told myself "nothing can harm you, you are safe" luckily I had nothing to do and stayed in bed for a while to catch up on sleep I've missed recently. Good plan listening to some music I've never tried. I sometimes make myself a cup of camomile tea and try and do a guided mediation. This often calms me down but getting back to sleep has been impossible for me recently. I hope the waking up scared stops I really know how distressing it is. Try and remember your safe when you feel like that though. X


Definitely not alone! I wake earlier and earlier when this happens to me. Starts out just a bit early like 6 instead of seven.. then works its way back until I fall asleep at midnight and am then woken at 2 feeling as if it is morning except shattered.

I write when I am awake like this and am having my most creative year ever thus far as a result... great except am a zombie in the day.

Not sure if drugs might help with this, but am getting sick of the lack of sleep and not sure what to do as the panic attacks seemed to be getting better, but this waking up/racing heart/closed throat business is not improving.

Anyway, thanks to all on here for reminding me that I am not alone and that there are ways to cope...



My doctor seems to have found the right medicine to give me a good full night sleep. 45mg Mirtazapine, 5 mg Olanzapine and 100mg Pregabalin. None of these are habbit forming, and they are not sleeping pills as such. But they never fail to give me a good night sleep. Along with praying before I go to sleep.


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