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Possible closure of this site - any possibility of an update?

Could I respectfully ask that Admin, or whoever is responsible for the final decision, give us some update/further information on the possible closure of this site? I think it is obvious from many of the comments that MOST members are very upset at the prospect of losing what is, for many, a lifeline in difficult circumstances and at the moment we really do not know what is happening/planned.

I am also concerned that new members joining have no way of knowing that the site is under threat, and may be hugely relieved at finding somewhere they can receive support and understanding, only to find it is about to disappear :-O

Could I, therefore, please ask AnxietyUK to keep us, the members, informed of what is happening and of any timescale, if the site is closing. I do not feel the uncertainty is helpful to anyone at the moment.

And can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask that people refrain from any possibly contentious comments to this blog. If there IS any chance of saving this invaluable site, we need to pull together, not apart.

Love to all



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Lovely lady. Do you think you nay b e getting a too involved we are all here just to get some support its all getting bit in tense x


Hear Hear Rose. !!! Very eloquentty put !!

I'm sure we ALL echo your thoughts and prayers that this site is not closed down. It is a lifeline for many many people, enabling them to find out they are not alone in their suffering, and to hopefully receive positive support and maybe guidance.

Hoping for a positive and less anxious future (with the help of site members).

Best wishes to all,

Mallet-Head :-)


Thanks, Mallet-Head :)


Very well put Rose.

Hope you are well x


Thanks, Ashley :)


Dear All,

This is a very short update to let you know we are currently in discussions with the team at Anxiety UK about the future of the community here.

Please bear with us for the time being. We are working on a solution and there will be a full communication from both AUK and HealthUnlocked in the next couple of days regarding the outcome. And as always please especially maintain respect for other users and the moderators of this community.



(Co-founder of HealthUnlocked)


Thank you for letting us know.




Omg closure of site? Where have I my own little candy crush world by the looks iof it Wats going on? Y talks about the site? X


In haste, Donaf, sorry about the shock! :(


Hi Donaf,

I know you usually joke about candy crush, but I got hooked on it too. My mates on a high level, but I can't get past level 17, any good tips please.



with you on this BriarRose.. this site is invaluable for the help and peace that it gives to us. just knowing you are not alone is such a huge help. Long may the site continue.


Hopefully sense will prevail, and all will be well



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