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For a good friend of mine who is trying to stop smoking

On top of old smokey

All covered with snow

I lost my true lover

By courtin' so slow

For courting's a pleasure

(For courting's a pleasure)

But parting is grief

(But parting is grief)

And a false-hearted lover

(And a false-hearted lover)

Is worse than a thief

(Is worse than a thief)

A thief will just rob you

(A thief will just rob you)

And take what you have

(And take what you have)

But a false hearted lover

(But a false hearted lover)

Will lead you to the grave

(Will lead you to the grave)

And the grave will decay you

(And the grave will decay you)

Turn you to dust

(And turn you to dust)

Not one boy in a hundred

(Not one boy in a hundred)

A poor girl can trust

(A poor girl can trust)

How True

They hug you and kiss you

(They hug you and kiss you)

Tell you more lies

(And tell you more lies)

Than cross ties on the railroad

(Than cross ties on a railroad)

Or stars in the sky

(Or stars in the sky)

[Instrumental Interlude]

So come all you young maidens

(Come all you young maidens)

And listen to me

(And listen to me)

Never place your affections

(Never place your affections)

On a green willow tree

(On a green willow tree)

For the leaves they will whither

(For the leaves they will whither)

The roots will die

(The roots will die)

You'll all be forsaken

(You'll all be forsaken)

And never know why

(And never know why

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Hi Bertty

Thank you for the song , good choice except I AM NOT TRYING TO STOP SMOKING FOR THE LAST TIME !!!!!

Trying to work this site , but smoking not a problem

So no more winding me up ;-)

Thank you for all the trouble you go to with your songs I do appreciate them





I know different words to this one Bertty :-

On top of spaghetti

All covered in cheese,

I lost my poor meatball

When somebody sneezed!

It rolled down the garden

And under a bush

And now my poor meatball

Is nothing but mush!

Hope you're doing


Cant do a laughing face Liz if I could I would , thats a good one lol






I much prefer Lizard's version

Good luck with quitting smoking whywhy




Stopped already , no need to mention it any more guys now , I a, a non smoker , its official lol



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