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Article about Anxiety

I was told by my therapist to learn as much as I can about anxiety. That it well help with the "healing" process.

I always thought that the foods we eat today and our environmrnts had a major factor for so many people suffering from anxiety and this kind of says it is:

It's good to know that this type of info is out there and I thought sharing it would be nice :)

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I've soent six five months researching anxiety. Yet, though I can be convinced it is what other have, it is more difficult to convince myself that It is what I have.


Eckhart on you tube......or read his books....he understands the mind....GB


I agree, I have read some of his books. xx


Worth reading!


Thanks for sharing, interesting reading, although I think we all know that if we cooked like our parents did, instead of instant , convenience meals we would be a lot healthier and slimmer. Interesting about Magnesium too.


I do wonder how much genetics plays in anxiety, because my mother was a very neurotic, anxious woman, & I think that her genes are to blame for my issues.

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We may be genetically able to become high, but also a lot of it is learned behaviour, when we understand this we can unlearn, then relearn on how to sail calmer are greater than your


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