The song Game!

Hi all this is just a little bit of fun and it would be nice to see what sort of music you all like.

Music has been a big part of me fighting my anxiety and depression, and i am not to sure where i would be with out my favorite songs being played when i am at the lowest point.

So i will post a link you a song on YouTube just to show what sort of music i like.

I you want to join in add a link or just add the name.




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30 Replies

  • Ooh great idea, i keep thinging about doing something like this! Oh the pressure of chosing just one... i will have to get back to you! x

  • this one always does it for me xx

  • Wow an amazing song :)

  • Love this - first time I have really listened to the words - amazing !!

  • Great idea - though I think I'm going to be in a minority, cos it's classical music that does it for me more than anything! This is the one I'd take to a desert Island!

    Love it!!! :-D



  • Rose that is some very lovely music. nice choice.



  • Thanks, Trip - it's my "calm me down!" piece lol!!!!


  • I dont know how to get the video on to here!! help!!

    Im rubbish with computer-me-bobbies..... lol


  • neither do I xx

  • Ok, technophobes ;)

    1. Find the song/track you want to use on Youtube;

    2. At the top of the screen it will have the address - like on here it is " etc"

    3. Select that address - just run your cursor over it till it highlights.

    4 Press Control (marked ctrl on you keyboard) and the letter c at the same time

    5. Come back on here, write your post, then press ctrl and the letter v at the same time

    6. You will get a line of gobbledegook - don't worry! ;)

    7 Hit the Submit comment button

    8 Computer will think about it for a while, then, hey presto, the video will appear - magic! ;)

    Any probs, let me know!

    Hope this helps.



  • You little star..... will try xx

  • Ooh rose you are so clever!!!!!!! Will try later! Xx

  • I did it... wahoo.... thanks rose..... :-))

    I dont particularly like Maria Carey.... but these lyrics really mean a lot...


  • yay!!!! well done!!!! xxxxxxxx

  • Very nice choice :)

  • very nice :)

  • i like this a lot :)

  • Hi Trip. Great idea for a blog It just makes me want to jig as soon as I hear it :-) x

  • hehe get them dancing shoes on!

  • I play Mark Knopfler's soundtrack to the film "local hero"

    but this is one of my long time favourites



  • I have just woke up and turned this song on :) so nice.



  • It won't let me reply to the comment but Pay It Foward is an amazing film, everyone should see it. Nomies was it you that i told to watch this a few days ago or had you already seen it? It hurts my heart just thinking about it! x

  • Ok, so I might have a few for you, sorry! Sorry if these are not the official videos (im at work so im not watching). I always think a song should be listened to before the video is seen anyway.

    I listen to some very eclectic music so give them a go and see how you get on, just because you don’t like one it doesn’t mean you won’t like another. Hopefully ive include some music people don’t already know. Enjoy x

    Kavinsky - Nightcall -

    Foals – Spanish Sahara -

    This song builds, I love it, listen to it LOUD. Almost religious (if I liked religion).

    Tom Vek – I Ain’t Saying my Goodbyes -

    DeVotchKa – How It Ends -

    Warpaint – Billie Holiday -

    New Look – Nap On The Bow -

    SBTRKT f. Sampha – Hold On -

    Lykki Li – Little Bit -

    Lovely vibe this one.

    Delilah – Go -

    Mount Kimbie – Carbonated -

    So good.

    New Look – Janet -

    Gets funkier as it goes on. Fun.

    M83 – Midnight City –

  • Oops wasnt expecting them to all come out as video previews, sorry, thought they'd just be links, they were when i pasted them! Ah well x

  • Great list of tunes :)

  • PUNK

    "good morning heartache, you're like an old friend - come and see me again!"

    "who would've thought - that dreams come true? and who would've thought I'd end up with you? and who would've thought what they said was true, But it was and you are light and darkness coming through"

  • Yay i am not the only punk !

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