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Scared of Gloomy Sunday Song

Hi everyone !!!

Have anyone here ever listened to Gloomy Sunday Song (Hungarian version known as Hungarian suicide song)

I thought that I'm the only one who has scared of Gloomy Sunday Song . I try to explain myself and found out more about this song including its lyrics and history even listened to this song but I can not get over this fear . I knew it's really silly that I believe its lyrics and music can make people die  but it seems like a true story . Moreover, there are my people covered this song in English and Hungarian but l can't control my feeling to getting scared . I knew this song is just a sad song but i scare that can make me die like those people in that time. Sometimes when I was in happy mood and then this fear comes out again. Will I die if I still think about it ??? I wonder why other people don't scare like the way I scare ! Anyone can help me to get rid of my fear ??

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I think mot people maybe fear death and if not then most will not be happy about the prospect even though it is part of life 

But I am wondering why you listened to the song ?

Personally I have never heard of it and now I have read your post I won't be listening to it as it sounds unpleasant and upsetting , I think when we have anxiety we should avoid things that we know we will find upsetting or it leaves us like you are feeling now so maybe try and put it out your mind and listen to something that makes you feel happy rather than sad but I don't think you fear is abnormal and I hope you can forget what you have listened to :-)

Take Care x


I am not willing to listen to it but my friend turn volume up and I heard it ....!!! 


O next time they do that I would either ask if they could switch it of as I found it depressing , go out the room so I did not hear it or put some ear plugs in lol x


Yeah , I got it 

Will you scare if you were me ??


I think it could have , I know I would not have liked it and maybe it would have been on my mind but I would push it back out and try not to dwell on what I had heard :-) x

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You are not suffering from the gloomy Sunday song....

You are suffering from anxiety, which your sub-concious can choose any subject....

After all ( I say that his to make you smile)... When you play " noddy"  you don,t put a hat with bells on and drive down the street in a small car...

Hope you smile.x


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