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Sing a Song!

Hi all,just listening to the Carpenters hence the title.Still feeling and being positive and realising more and more that positivity is the answer.If you saw me dancing around the kitchen to the Carpenters,well,I would be certified! It is working for me and don't get me wrong,I still feel anxious but not as much and it is easier to deal with.Going to bed does not fill me with fear because I choose to laugh at those thoughts and simply look at my bed as my comfy,safe place.I actually stayed in bed later the past two days and normally I have to get up the moment I awake.So people,with positive thoughts,things can and will get better,I am proof of that,take care.

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Well done another post that as made me smile :-) im going to have to listen to that song, wats it called? Glad ur seeing ur bed as comfort now, good luck xxx



I like a sing song to , it cheers me up , I dont do the dancing , but can break out into song , even makes me laugh at myself when I do , as i get carried away & its not the best sound :-D

I have a friend , when we are talking on the phone , something will start us of singing & before we no it we are sing over the phone together , then we laugh so much when we realise

You are doing so well hun , glad things are getting better





Glad your doing really well today dont matter how you look if dancing and singing makes you feel better then carry on.

Music is a calmer and i am glad this is working for you.

Have a lovely day might even watch out for you on X Factor :)

Love Seyi xxx


If I ever appear on x factor I will be guilty of crimes against humanity and the whole of the population will start to suffer anxiety!!You are more likely to see me on crime watch for "being in possession of an offensive face in public"but hey ho,who cares!!


oh how i wish i could be like you...recently i read 'the secret', im trying to focus on the positive thought and its making me more tired....Im am so nervous and anxious all yhe time that its difficult for me to even get up from my sitting place.... do you think there s something wrong with my brain or have some physical problem to be feeling like this.....

i would even get up wiyh a jerk from my sleep sometimes, im that i dread even going to bed...

do you feel tired too, im always tired. but im really glad for you


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