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Anxiety first time

Hi all,

Pretty new to this but looks a fantastic website for support. I was just wondering for advice really, I've had an anxiety issue for about a year and half now been 26 years of age. Over the past 6 months I have had the most issues with sleeping. It doesn't help I work shifts and I am looking to sort that with change of job. What I would like to know is has anyone experienced issues that when they drift off to sleep or try too that you get what seems to be a panic attack. They feel worse and starts getting you more anxious that it's a heart issue or feels like a heart issue. I hope I don't sound too mad but just frightens me a little

Thank you


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Hi goodnight wat symptoms do u have y u think its heart related


Hi cwoodside

When I am drifting off to sleep it feels as tho it's a heart jolt type attack. Very strange and sometimes hard to describe so I do apologise if it's hard to understand


Do u mean like skipped beats?


Yes but I have had a ECG and all seems good so just hard to understand


Yes I know how u feel I have them too an everything is fine when I get them I just try my hardest to jus breath deep and not over think it how are you feeling now?


Hi Kev

Welcome :)

Those are pretty common with anxiety sufferers.

It's a jolt of adrenalin.

You start drifting of then bam you are dealing with a racing heart and thinking what the heck is going on.

Try not doing anything stimulating before bed. No tv or phone etc., try drinking something warm before bed, and when they do happen try to control your breathing.

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Excellent tip.


Thank you :)


I have had something similar.

I have been afraid to fall asleep in case I dream about something traumatic. Then I have woken up afraid of the traumatic event again.

What helped was counselling and the passing of time. I am 5.5 years down the road from the traumatic event now so think of it less but I can have the odd flashback.


Hi yes this is likely to be anxiety ...I have had palpitations on trying to sleep ..also woken in the night with unusually racing heart ...have you a smart phone? There are some great meditation apps ...meditation sounds so hippy and odd but it's actually so good for anxiety ...mindfulness particularly teaches you strategies to stay " in the moment " and just be ... Still ... Be mindful of your breathing often I find my breathing is so shallow when I,m stressed ... And this reduces oxygen to blood and brain and I assume heart ... As you can tell hVe spent a lot of time researching and this really helps me is scary by the way ..your not going mad .good luck V

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Hiya, Yes, i agree with Janey61 - go off to sleep with a relaxation app/cd playing to relax you. don't watch telly/ play games before bed as they stimulate the brain. Read a book (not a kindle apparently as they give out light), have a hot milky drink, take a bath - and chill!

Hope it sorts itself out. It must be difficult doing shifts.



Hi Simo,

looking at your situation I also had the same symptoms almost 3-4 years back when I was doing shift. First point here is while you do shift Job always remember you are going against the nature.

You are awake when the whole world is sleeping and other behaviors are going to change like habits, Timely food and other activities so it is quite obvious that you may feel exhausted or tired or dizzy all the time.

Go for a normal health test just for you satisfaction....BP, Cholesterol, Vitamin B12, Thyroid (T3,T4,TSH) and other regular test and it should be fine.

Cheer up :-)

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Hi guys,

Really appreciate all your feedback on this. I do have my phone and have only recently started reading a book to try something different. I think the natural thing your brain tells you something is wrong and you immediately start to panic get the phone check sympton checker which is wrong I know as it makes it worse

Good to hear others people's advice and some for sure I will be taking all on board.


Yes bad to check don't look it up Youll just scare yourself. Breath through the racing heart and know it's anxiety. Acknowledge it so you can overcome it.


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