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Panic attacked I beat this one


Hello just thought some of you would like to know I've just had a big one the sort where I usually call 999 but this time I thought sod it the chest pains were there really bad sweating the pains the dying sensation the breathlessness tight chest nausea you all know what they're like I don't know what brought it on I had been asleep for a short time before it got worse and worse but I'd been reading about them that says accept it don't try to fight it because that makes it worse mind trying to remember this when your thinking this is it I'm gonna die was the hard panic attacks can be longer than average but this one was bad but I was on my own and I was not going to give in it was hard not to call for help but I'm over the worst of it now I still feel crap still a bit jittery but the worst has passed just a bad headache I'm not trying to be tough but I wanted to beat a bad one and I feel for everyone of us that go through these events I'm not saying its easy to just do nothing while one of these is in full flow but I actually feel better going through a big one without the paramedics but il still add if your having chest pains and your worried and your not sure and feel you need help call for it but I doesn't have to be a heart attack sorry if this doesn't help but I just wanted to share a win with you against this awful condition you all take care thanks for reading and good luck with your battles. Mel

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Hey well done Mel it's not an easy thing to do so hat off to you!

yea,its good to hear such positive comments,well done Mel.

HI MEL you are so brave please keep doing this and then you will win please keep us up to date lots of luck xxx

Well done! that can't have been easy.

they'll never have the power over you as they did before.

it will get easier,

there still may be rollercoaster days but wishing you more of the better ones ahead.



Thanks for your kind comments I'm settled down now I've have been living with this a long time because I kept refusing help I was in the building trade and I've had incidents in some strange places where I've wondered how I was going to get down I wasn't afraid of heights or anything but on a scaffold sixty foot up is no place to get a panic attack which I did once I just sat there with a whirlwind in my mind with all the symptoms I could have kissed the ground when I got down However recently my dr asked if I wanted to give CBT a try and I finally agreed I had 4 sessions they don't want to know about your past just how you feel what do you think triggers the anxiety and how it affects you and how you deal with it after the last session she said I seemed to be dealing with it ok and wouldn't need to see her again the next night I was in AnE with what I thought was a heart attack which turned out to be a panic attack which she thought I'd learnt to cope with however she had woken an interest in me about CBT and I've read everything I could about panic attacks and anxiety and seeing everything I suffer from written down in black and white and explained with some techniques to cope with them helped more than the sessions so I would recommend CBT either with councillor primarily or self help because i believe it gives you a weapon to fight this condition with I say again I wish everybody well in they're fights with this think positive sorry this is a bit long but i find writing it down helps to look at later I hope you can take some encouragement from it and all the best. Mel



This is a very good news..well done!!!;-)


Hi mel. Well done. it proves that not fighting this "thing" and going with it helps to give us fresh hope. All the best. jonathan.


Great! I've learned that every time you stay with the panic and don't give in to it you weaken it! Well done!. Sue

Hiya this is next day post beaten bad panic attack I feel good thanks for your good wishes they are all sent back with gratitude and hopes for beating yours........Mel

Well done proud of yourself hun and thank you for your infectious happiness : ) x

Melgil58 in reply to ellabella

thanks im here to help if i can with a bit of encouragement i try not to let it get to me it does sometimes i wont tell anybody to pull theirselves together because i know we're all trying to do that anyway and sometimes it can be a lonely journey but there will always be people here who will offer help and there are many methods of tackling this so never give up trying to find one to suit and help you all the best to all of you Mel

Well done! I had a very bad attack and had to call 999 it was terrible!

I felt ashamed when they told me that it was a full blown panic attack... but I did learn something useful.

When your heart starts racing and your head is clamping up and your breathing starts to go array... get a paper bag and start to take slow breaths into it... the cabon dioxide helps to stop the tingling in the body and camps and the concentration on the breathing slows down the heart rate and brings you back to normal.

I hope that this helps next time!

But well done for recognising that it was a panic attack... you are on your way to controlling the condition.

Angela x

Hi Angela thanks for your reply,b I hope your doing ok all the best Mel

Well done! I've had that awful feeling of sitting with an Ambulance Crew trying to work out HOW a panic attack can make you feel quiet so awful more than once now! It's a big thing to be able to ride them out like that and certainly a huge step in learning to live with and manage a panic disorder.

I'm also considering CBT at present following a six to eight month period trying antidepressants which made a big difference to frequency and severity but certainly aren't my ideal solution, least of all because I feel inclined to then avoid the odd large glass of red which I am partial to at the end of my working week over dinner with friends.

Keep us posted Mel!

Melgil58 in reply to TeamDB

Hello thanks for the comment things are still going well panic attack wise I get the early warnings still but I just let it go I don't grab it and blow it up anymore I don't take meds as iv tried them all they didn't suit but some people they do there are things I still avoid but the going out isn't as bad as it used to be give the CBT a try it can help or at least make you more aware of solutions I read a lot about it and that's helped as well to see every symptom written down proving that im not imagining it I'm late to trying to sort this out I used to just suffer in silence on my own but iv decided that wasn't solving anything so I face it and its made a big improvement it's a pity I didn't do it sooner I hope yours settles down and you can get back to your glass of red and a happier life all the best. Mel

TeamDB in reply to Melgil58

Thanks Mel, I totally appreciate the supportive words. I'm certainly looking into the options. As you've suggested just talking to other people and seeing those symptoms written down clearly really puts into perspective what it is we're all dealing with.

I know with time and a little effort everything will be right as rain and I hope that everyone can take a little comfort in that knowledge also :)

You should be very proud of yourself Mel! I've had times like that and it's amazing how sometimes our minds can fight back and not let the darkness take over!

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