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Just a thought, and I empathise that a lot of people are feeling very low and concerned with their illness at the present time. But does anyone fancy doing a positive ladder this week. Just write one/two positive things that have happened each day in your life? could be anything, seeing the sun, going for a walk, laughing at someone on the tv, reading an inspirational quote...if you have share it, thanks Dee


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  • I will give it a go !



  • Deecey, what a great idea....We can sometimes get bogged down by life and our anxieties that we forget about anything positive in our lives. My posiive is my cat Molly secretly entering our bedroom and hiding behind the curtain in hope of us not seeing her! My husband is allergic to her. (Molly arrived before my husband) He literally can't breath and his eyes water terribly. We had to fix a lock but she has mastered unhooking it!!!! Its quite amusing but we just can't have her in....I love my cat but not enough to sacrifice my husband breathing lol. :)

  • Argh that made me smile, thankyou...me too im allergic to cats, quite badly i do like them though so shame!...Ive just booked a stall at a car boot sale for a couple of weeks time, get rid of some of my teenage girls/boys mound of unwanted/loved clothes ha, so thats my positive today....il be yo-yoing anxious before then but il get through it...Dee x.

  • 13 year old daughter telling me she loved me (and she didn't even want something!)

  • Thats a nice positive especially when there not after something ha! One of my sons instantly knows when i need a hug, he's so canny and at 16 you'd think he'd be that typical grumpy teenager but he never has been he has that way of putting a smile on everyones face argh and that leads me to one of my positives today...my son asking me "mam you know when I go to the evo festival will you buy me a t-shirt with the slogan "Free Hugs" ha he's a lot a lot of confidence....keep the positives coming! Dee xxx

  • 13 year old daughter telling me she loved me (and she didn't even want something!)

  • Brilliant idea can all share positive issues instead of negative

    Seyi x

  • My positive for today was I discovered a person I just met who has thus far only shown a very serious and conservative side of themselves to me, was able to be silly and joke with me for the first time and it made me laugh like I havent laughed in ages. Nice to know that even conservative and serious people are able to have a laugh and be silly. That made me happy.


  • Thats fab Dimitri and this must give you a glow knowing that this person feels comfortable in your company to be that way..We all have barriers, im the worst and sometimes it can take a while for people to let you in...Dee xx

  • went to bed last night,feeling anxious and depressed.....my positive for today is,I got up this morning went shopping with my husband for four hours,and really enjoyed it,even bought myself a handbag..hows that for a positive.xxx

  • Thats great, shopping can be daunting when your anxious but four hours, well done, handbags and shoes my downfall....I never leave things for "best" these days either, always wear them straight away ha....prob a rebellious streak against my childhood when i got new clothes and had to save them "why" surely by the time i wore them didnt have much wear left ha!...put em on thats what i say....keep the positives coming! Dee xxx

  • this reminds me of a discussion i have about 'sparkling moments' - a solution focussed approach encouraging people to focus on times when things go well - anxiety is momentarily reduced or confidence in coping is momentarily increased...very helpful

  • Argh Pogol, your comments sure cheered me up this morning...i felt a bit yuk this morning, anxiety in abundance but determined to get to work and see it through,and while walking to work i was thinking to myself gee Dee you have lost your "sparkle", where's it gone girl?..... so then I seen your "sparkling moments" solution focused apporoach and hey that has given me a boost...im going to try it thankyou Dee x

  • Great idea. I only found this site today and feel good that I can share and someone will understand. I have a lovely husband who does his best bless him but you guys are great.

  • i love positive feedback - consider it a random act of kindness - have a good day

  • Today I put a deposit on a house, my relationship with my boyfriend is getting back to normal, and tonight I'm going to have a movie night with my friends! Feeling a bit negative today so I plan to distract myself!

  • Love the name by the way....well considering your feeling negative your doing great, being very pro active, saying "i will distract myself"...I was feeling a bit out of sorts at bedtime last night and normally this leads to me being paranoid n needy with my fella so as i lay their thinking im going to burst any moment (ha) i got up took myself to another bedroom and distracted my thoughts with what i had achieved, being positive to know that action diminishes anxiety in an instant, had a great nights sleep and no tired people today as their wouldve been with me trying to calm down after mayhem...well done me (ha)....keep up the positives! Dee x

  • Thank you :) Yeah, when I'm feeling anxious I always seem to get paranoid and needy with my boyfriend. It's definitely positive to know that action diminishes anxiety, the sense of success must also feel very rewarding! Well done and positivity is definitely key! xx

  • Went out for a walk in to town with my 4 year old had fab time took him to new to shop he bought a puzzle and a cheap lunch at asda cafe my son said we having a good day today and on walk home he picked me a leaves of the bushes to give me as a presents puts smile on my face every time and went home end enjoying doing his puzzle together mummy and son time x

  • Hi

    I think this is a fab idea! positive thinking is our most powerful wepan against anxiety! last few years I've suffered terrible to the point when I had no chance but to fight back, I seemed to have my issues when I didn't feel I could come and go as I pleased so wedding services, meals, cinema, etc... However my fighting back started 6 months ago and involved me speaking to a therapist and reading everything I could find on anxiety and panic attacks, and yesterday I went for a meal and cinema and had a lovely day, my new found knowledge gave me confidence!! self help can seem long and pointless at times but I'm so glad I finally took action!

  • Thanks Ashh, yes knowledge and action are 2 great things we can have to live and cope with anxiety..I too had a lovely weekend, felt strangely relaxed and together...dont you wish at them times you could bottle it and bring it out when your in the midst of a bad time...Keep up the positives..ive just been through my diary while having a quiet day accountancy wise ha, be hectic next month, adding all the nice events, things to do this year, very forward thinking for me, I normally dont plan anything, avoid most things...oh well...Have a good week!

  • Positive for me I watched funny movie day before yesterday:)

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