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Anxiety and weight loss

Hi I've been suffering from anxiety which started in July and have had ups and downs since. It's been health related which is anther story! However since August/September I've lost half a stone. I have changed my diet to be healthier. No bad carbs (doughnuts, white paste etc and have cut out sugar a lot) I've only just this week started working out.

My question is, is this much weight loss normal in the space of just over 2 months? About 3 weeks was spent not eating much as i waited for a specialist appointment.

I know if I didn't have health anxiety I would be over the moon with the weight loss right now but because of my anxiety I can't see it as a positive thing, just something to worry about.

Anyone out there been through something similar?


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I don't know whether this amount of weight loss ioss is usual but my question is are you eating a mixed diet? Maybe having a word with the doc is a good idea



Thanks for replying. TBH since the anxiety started I've been to the drs a lot and feel they're getting tired of me. I'm eating a lot healthier....fruit and veg, I've cut down on meat. And I did go through a few weeks I was so stressed I hardly ate at all


Hi half a stone is a fine amount of weight to lose no need to worry at all x


Firstly thanks for replying. I have heard a lot of people lose weight with anxiety and it has happened to me in the past, at uni I dropped 2 stone on a few months but I didn't have health anxiety then so it didn't bother me.


I have dropped about 30 pounds (idk what a stone is lol) in two months because of my health related anxiety. I hate having to eat it's not enjoyable for me. I think it is normal but definitely not a good thing. Everybody tells me I look so great what have I been doing??? I say get stressed out and it'll happen to you too. But I have definitely noticed me not eating makes the anxiety worse. I feel weak and sick all the time. Causing anxiety. Your not alone!!

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Same here as well. :/


I'm going through something similar right now. I now feel rather dumb for how I lost my weight though lol. My health anxiety sent me through a phase where I was worried to eat anything for fear of food poisoning or food allergies...so even though I began eating small and more frequent meals throughout the day, I have still managed to lose 15 pounds in 3 mths. It took me getting a cold and then right afterward, a mouth yeast infection to snap me out of my fear of normal eating. It all sounds so silly, doesn't it?! But weight loss or weight gain is normal with anxiety. There was a time to that I would enjoy and celebrate the fact I lost some weight! Now I find myself wanting it back! Funny how the mind works, eh? You're not alone. I find myself in a similar boat. Stay encouraged! Stay positive! It will get better and you will learn your way out of this! :-)


Hi from past 3 months or so I m extremely stressed like 24*7 because of health anxiety I think I have bowel cancer ,I have lost 5kg in 2 months instead of eating well,My bowel habits have changed completely I feel abdomen pain on and off I get feverish feeling pain in shoulders and knee, hips pain etc consistent soft stool mucus in stool.I am just 23 year old but I feel like 80 these days I have a constant fear of dying these days I just dont want to die now so much to do Please help If some body knows what is going wrong


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