Anxiety + imagination = AHHHHHHHHHH

How many of you guys can visualize in ridiculous clarity what you fear happening? I mean I can be totally fine one minute and then I think I taste or smell something and suddenly, I think what I fear will happen, then it can take a few minutes to an hour until I realize it was just a thought. We are talking extreme clarity. Before, during, after.

Does anyone have this? I mean imagination is a great thing to have....when it is used in positive ways. If used in negative ways, much no.


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11 Replies

  • All the time, everyday, unfortunately in the last few months! Quite annoying lol!

  • I'd go as far as to say tormenting >.<

  • Agreed!

  • Happens every day to me! So crazy! :/

  • I started to do some self hypnosis techniques to calm myself understand ur feeding urself wit negativity and only way to change is my clearing ur mind the anxiety goes away wen u stop believing it is gonna happen wen u just act without being afraid and understand the more u overthink something the more ur feeding ur mind negativity dont be afraid to live. If u can train ur subconscious mind u can be more stronger i advice hypnotherapy or self hypnosis has more results than normal therapy wit medication.

  • Yep happens all the time ,just have to read something in a magazine or on TV, and think its going to happen to me, then I worry if I have nothing to worry about!!! ;(

  • Ugh I know, like you get uncomfortable when you do not worry.

  • Cheers for getting back to me -hope you have a good day - from one worry wort to another (just off to think what I have to worry bout 2day) :)

  • Oh yes I have that ! It's awful as I have health anxiety.

    But I'm getting stronger each day so I learn to recognise it ( well most lol)

  • I have the same anxiety symptoms. It can be helpful if you're having fear to accept it by saying "Thank you" to it, and then doing something silly, or loosening your body. There's a neat thing called "Autogenic Relaxation" which has helped me. There are videos for it on youtube. Imagination IS great to have - I totally agree. You're spot on there Traibooks! All the best.

  • Great replies it helps others like me not just the poster thankyou x

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