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It gets worse

Omg I've had a truly terrible day! I hit someone's dog in my car :(

Thank god I didn't seriously injure it, but I don't know who was more shocked!

I feel like crap, feel physically sick and it has set my panic attacks off full force! It didn't help that I had to report it to the police and had to spend some time with them sorting my documents out

Now my panic is on and my anxiety is full on, not helped by the fact I'm already full of a cold and run down!

Don't think il be getting much sleep tonight coz i feel bloody awful :( :(

H2b xx

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Can imagine it shook you up hun , would have me , please dont blame yourself the dog is OK thank goodness & these things happen , so dont give yourself a tough time , you didnt mean to do it

Try not to focus on you wont have a good night or you will be setting yourself for a fall

Do some deep breathing excercises , do you like a small whisky or something , hot drink maybe , & try & relax your mind , what happened today , was a shock but try to not replay it in your mind like a tape recorder , because thats what I can do & then the anxiety just keeps going & gets worse

You are right , having a cold & been run down will not help , so be kind to yourself





Thanks whywhy I've just had a hot cup of sweet tea, and I'm off to bed to try and settle in for the night. Gutted I can't have a drink because I'm still taking propranolol

Let's hope I sleep

Night h2b xxx


Oh darling,

What an awful experience. You must have got such a fright and of course you feel awful. It's natural to feel like that but please don't beat yourself up about it. These things happen. Focus on the positive ~ the dog is ok :)

I hope you do not find yourself awake and reliving it over and over (my favourite nighttime pastime). If the thoughts come to you try not to engage with them. Try to imagine them as little black clouds floating by. You know they're there but they have nothing to do with you. If that doesn't work try imagining yourself on a little island - the waves and storms (you thoughts and feelings) are crashing around you but they can't reach you. You're safe on your island. It takes a while to get these techniques to work but with practise they really do help.

Enjoy your tea and sleep well,



Honey its not your fault but at least you are being honest by reported to the police and explained what has happened! Don't focus on if you will have a good night or not just let your body relax and you will be fine love! If you can't sleep go jump in hot bath and relax, closed eyes for few mins then once your warm and you should feel bit tired and drift to sleep in bed! Xxx sending you big hugs



At least like everyone says the dog is ok. I know this wont help with what happened, but you are not responsible for the accident. The owners of the dog are. I used to be a nurse in a vets and if a dog was run over by someone, it was the owners responsibility. If the car was damaged in any way it would be the dogs owners to repair it. Trying to make the situation a bit easier for you. Please try not to get worked up. The dog is probably running around now, and you are feeling like rubbish. xx


Thanks everyone! I'm feeling a lot better today and slept ok (the only thing keeping me awake was this stinking cold and sore throat)

I've also been working today which is helping to take my mind off things!

Hope everyone's doing ok

Love to all

H2b xx


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