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Disorientation, how to reduce it?


I hadn't had a panic attack for a couple of months, but last week things seemed to build up and i had quite a bad panic attack which lasted for about 2hours. Ever since ive had this horrible feeling of disorientation and it's making me feel so anxious. When i first wake up it's not too bad but once i am dressed it suddenley hits me and i am left disorientated and upset all day. Sometimes it wares off about 7pm, and even then i still don't feel right.

I just can't put up with it any longer! It really is hell, i can't seem to do anything so having to lie to my friends that i can't meet up and this is putting added anxiety on me. I know for a fact i will have to delay going to Uni for a year as I can't go with these panic attacks, anxiety and it's symptoms! I don't even feel comfortable at home anymore so don't think living with strangers will help! :(

Also on Friday, i had an appointment with a mental health counsellor for adults at my doctors surgery, it was horrible and didn't even take in what the counsellor was telling me as i was that disorientated and upset i was just waiting for it to be over! After 8months of CBT with my counsellor at camhs who i trust and she knows everything about me i just feel now im 18 ive been 'kicked out' of camhs and passed to someone else who knows nothing about me! This may have contributed to my anxiety on top of everything else.

In the past this disorientation has wore off within a couple of days and at my worst weeks, so maybe i just have to be patient, but its hard. Any tips on how to deal with it?

When it does ware off i am going to visit my GP to enquire if medication might reduce my panic attacks and symptoms, but im finding this all really scary at the minute.

Sorry for rambling on! Looking forward to hearing peoples opinions :)


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Hi Cath

You are not rambling on & if you want to here is the place you can where people will understand , not judge & listen

I started with anxiety from your age & things have changed so much now

I have heard of others that have struggled once reaching 18 & finding then as classed as an adult , have had to move on to different counselling etc & have struggled with the change

I also no once someone has got to no all about us , we start to feel secure & then that feeling of starting all over again , with someone else , it does throw us , I think thats why I always want to see the same GP as she knows me inside & out & I dont want to go through all my history with someone else , so all these feelings you are having seem very normal with what you are dealing with & going through

I think the feelings you describe , again anxiety attacks leave us feeling that way ,but the less importance we can give it (even though I no its hard as its frightening ) it helps for it to subside again , the more we over think these feelings the longer it lasts (again it takes practice its not easy )

I would go & see your GP , if meds are something you feel would help , you could also explain when you next go for counselling how you feel , even write it down & next time yo say I am finding this hard , I have written down how I am feeling with all this would you mind reading it , it might help them to no you are struggling as well

I hope some of the younger members , will come on & see this as they no better than me about this change from been under 18 to been 18 & maybe could give better advice on their experiences

Now I have gone on a bit to :D

Keep coming on & talking , because no matter what ages this anxiety is affecting , we all have the same common bond in we suffer with it & can understand & help each other




Cath04 in reply to Hidden

Thank you, it really does help to know im not alone, just coming on here makes me feel a bit better already! :) I agree that it's best not to make the anxiety important, so im really trying to ignore it and sometimes it does actually go. and it does feel really strange being classed as an adult as i really don't feel like one yet! I think it's because in my comfort zone at camhs, but in the long run it may even help having this new experience. It just gets overwhelming and exhausting dragging my history up over and over and trying to get people to understand me. But I will definitley keep coming on here as it is great to know that there are other people that understand this horrible anxiety! :)


Hidden in reply to Cath04

Bless you , I no exactly what you are saying & believe me , (it can be quite here on weekends ) but there are others that have felt just like you do , here & having the same experience , you will adjust , but I no its hard , we dont like been taken out of our comfort zone alot of the time , no matter what age we are , its a bit like that feeling of been secure at junior school & then looking at those big gates at secondary school :o how daunting did that look

Then we had to start in the first year of secondary & work are way up till leaving , by then its no longer as daunting

When you reach 18 , it can be the same , yes you are now an adult , but the adult world seems very big with lots of challengers a head & you can feel like you have one foot in your child hood where you felt safe & the other one just dipping into the adult world , where is looks huge & you dont no how you will cope, but you will in time

At 18 , I see it as now you are starting to learn to be an adult & you can take as much time as you like in doing so , you dont have to feel & act all grown up all of a sudden just because 18 seems to tell us we do , no this is the start of learning , take your time , dont feel rushed , it will come slowly over the years ;)

Keep talking


You are not alone. Many of us have these 'disabling' feelings/symptoms. Try to recuperate life from where you felt it was somehow left. It is definitely there!


Hi there :)

It sounds like you're going through a really hard time, as now you have to go into the world without having that security you have as a child. Almost like the world just keeps going but you're still trying to deal with your anxiety and aren't in the position to move on.

I know it may be really really hard, but don't skip Uni. As ironic as it is, going to Uni will actually help your anxiety and panic attacks. I know that is hard to believe when your anxiety is telling you not to go, but your anxiety is not your friend. By listening to your anxiety and not going to Uni, you strengthen it and give it more control over your life. The more you let it restrict you, the more it will restrict you.

Try to avoid medication as it has nasty side effect and will make you feel worse the anxiety ever could.

The way to get over your anxiety and panic attacks is to do exactly what you don't want to do. Go to Uni and make new friends, get involved in as much as you can, because distraction will reduce your anxiety. The reason you have anxiety and panic attacks is because you have a higher intelligence than most other people, and so your mind gets bored and creates the anxiety to keep it busy. By getting involved and using the extra intelligence will stop your anxiety.

You will get through this and it will make you stronger. You will adjust to Uni soon, and make new friends. Get involved and enjoy yourself, because this is when you create yourself and give yourself the best life you can.

Take care x

P.S Avoid getting involved in social smoking or taking drugs etc because this can trigger panic attacks. Good luck :)

Hi, I would advise going for some solution focused hypnotherapy to reduce the anxiety and overcome the panic attacks. It is based on an understanding of how the brain functions and works in a relatively short amount of time by simulating the REM state which is our natural processing state we go into each night when we dream. This enables our stress and anxiety to release and we start to produce more of the relaxing feel good chemicals instead of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. Best of luck for a speedy recovery. :)


I have never responded before because I am new to this site. However due to your young age I want to point out that anxiety is usually a neurotransmitter problem- probably serotonin. As such it should be dealt with on a chemical basis. I suggest you see a specialist in this field. Psychiatrists can recommend the proper medication for you. Talk therapy probably will not have a lasting effect with you because your serotonin is probably not stabilized. After stabilization talk therapy could be useful if you need it. It is important that at your young age you tackle the problem head on. At your age the problem may be resolved totally with medication applied for a short time. I truly believe that intervention now is going to be successful. At your age your the brain is formulating and that intervention now is ideal. I am 70 years old and have dealt with anxiety for many years and I didn't know the problem. Now the science is getting to understand anxiety. I wish the medical professional had medications when I was your age. Take control of your situation and ONLY SEE A DOCTOR WHO IS A PSYCHIATRIST. THEY CAN BEST DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM. DON'T waste time with people who cannot address your problem at its core ‼️

Andrzej884 in reply to Hidden

I don't agree. Anxiety is a part of being alive. The only way to stop it is to face your fears.



I know exactly what you are going through. The most frustrating part about anxiety is that just when you think that you have experienced every symptom imaginable it always finds a way to manifest into something different each time. I think that disorientation/ dizziness/ derealization is the hardest symptom to wrestle with because it's essentially your brain's reaction to stress--an instinctual move that says 'I don't want to think anymore'. Anxiety makes you overthink everything and if you are like me you start overthinking and analyzing your own anxiety even in the middle of a panic attack which of course causes a downward spiral effect. A trick that helps me in these situations is to really consider that 'you are not your thoughts and emotions. ' Really try to sit and meditate on this concept. Think of thoughts and emotions as things that simply pass through you. I've had really bad anxiety and OCD throughout my life and something I've learned is that anxiety is always the worst when you are too focused on yourself--anxiety is naturally selfish. Fear is selfish. The best way to stop worrying and panicking is to think of someone/ something other than yourself for a while. A lot of anxiety is a result of the brain trying to make sense of difficult emotions and sometimes the brain finds itself identifying with feelings and thoughts when in reality these are just things flowing through you. I find this philosophy really helps when you are stuck in a repetitive loop of anxiety. Focus on your breath and notice all of these things moving through you and try to let them pass without attacking them. Let it wash over you. It's easier said than done, I know but if you work hard to apply it it can really help. Please let me know if any of this helps. This is the first time I've posted to a forum like this.


Did you ever find treatment for this feeling of disorientation. I have been dealing with this for nearly a year, and have tried ssri's and snri's and nothing is working. It really is a scary feeling and you are the first person to really describe what I feel.

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