Sometimes it gets too much

So lately I've had a better handle of my panick attacks, but it seems that when I try to fix one thing, something else comes up. I can't seem to escape my mind from negative thoughts. I guess all the negativity I push down to try not to get overwhelmed I end up doing so anyway when I fall into a state of complete sadness and hopelessness. I get scared of the feelings of derealization, but mostly scared of death. I feel as if at any moment I will drop dead. I'm tired of always checking my pulse, focusing on my breathing which causes shallow breaths and makes me even more concerned, but it's become a habit that I can't seem to break from. At the end when I think about it, it brings me back to the first time I had an anxiety attack. It was mostly caused from stressed. I wish I didn't have to go through this because it sucks all the joy from everyday life.


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  • I know how you feel. You are not alone. Lets just fight this together. Sigh...just like you I am hopeless, I miss my old life, but we cannot move on if we will dwell on it, sigh...lets fight! Lets not give-up!

  • Thanks, it's so nice to hear motivation, because recently I've just felt so hopeless, feeling like this will never end. But when I get to that low low point, I like to come on here and write how I'm feeling, because then I get to hear from other people that give me motivation. Thank you again for your response ☺️

  • Derealization is my nemesis. I absolutely hate this. It just don't let me live. I don't even know what else to do anymore to snap out of this hell. Sometimes I wish that I would focus on physical stuff instead of derealization. Because I thinking about it 24/7 and it's making it worst..... 3 months of this crap! How can our brains do this to us. I just don't get it.

  • Yup, derealization has taken control of my everyday life and sucks the joy out of it. It is truly amazing how our brains do this to us. And the more I feel like I try to control it, the worse I feel.

  • Same here... I damn tired of it. I don't even know what the hell i am going to snap out of it. It's hell.

  • Preaching to the choir I know exactly how you feel too. it's like our minds won't let up enough to feel some relief only to be blindsided by another anxiety symptom. If you're anything like me, the new symptom makes me think yep this is the one this is what's going to kill me. I remember when this first started for me the derealization was constant for 6 months everything seemed out of place and nothing looked familiar like being a day dream you can't break out of and I think I speak for all of when I say that's the scariest part. I have finally got some relief from it being so constant but it's doesn't mind showing up from time to time (usually when my anxiety is extra high that day) to suck the life out of me. A friendly reminder I'm still in this hell called anxiety.

  • Yes! Derealization has definetly been the worse for me lately, it makes life for me seem like it's just a dream and it terrifies me so much. What helps you get through it? And well said, anxiety feels like hell.

  • Well to be honest I'm not sure I just kind of woke up in sense. I was on some antidepressants at the time so maybe they did some good after all

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