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What a nite

Ok so i had anxiety last nite while watching tv. On and off but had it. Well once i was in bed it took me ages to fall asleep then wen i did i was awake a good few times. The last time i woke up i had anxiety and was beginning to panick. Then in my head i started shouting at it, and after about 5 mins it went. Ive got up this morning with none. It tried to fill me up with panick and fear and it was working but then i thought no way as hard as it was. Hope ur all doing ok xxx

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Good for you donaf , its good to see your blogs & how you deal with this when it starts to try & creep back in , helps others , your a star :-)





hi donaf me too love had a awful night and drained today woke up sweating and had the most weirdest feelings so got up and read for a bit then my son was sick so laid with tom rest of night but dont feel myself today at all wish i was more like you luv stronger xxxx


Hi donaf looks like a bad night all round finshed work at 5 am had to take OH to the coach station going to london. got home my heart felt like it was trying to get out of my chest. tried the breathing to calm down but did work so probably had no sleep and now back at work. Good to see your managing it.



hi donaf i also find myself doing this !!! xxx


Dear Donaf,

I am sorry to read that you had a tough night. Well done for doing your best to deal with it.

KIndest regards,



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