What a brill night for once :-)

Ok so I went and watched the long awaited twilight film at the cinema. Was packed out, like I knew it Wud be. I had abit of anxiety this morning and afternoon to but I just rolled with it and got on with my day. By the time I got to the cinema I was so excited that I never even thought about my anxiety, and guess what I had none at all. I feel gud about it as for the first time since march I've actually had a night where I've not thought about it, so I enjoyed it. That's prove that we can get there, it just takes time. In the journey of picking our selves back up we will get bad days as well as gud days, but just take them as they come and make sure u enjoy the good ones. It's hard I know, I still find it hard at times but think positive. :-)x


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  • Brilliant brilliant news donaf. YOU did it and now you know you can do it all the more. Yay. xx

  • Hi. donaf. Brilliant! You see, it can be done but, as you say, it takes time. The trouble is these days that we live in the world of 'instant' this and 'instant' that so we expect immediate relief. There ain't no such thing. Bless you and well done again. jontahan.

  • I feel good about it as for once I felt more like myself. There is no I immediate relief, it takes times. I've had a nite and this morning where I'm more myself but I know it will reappear wen it wants but it can it can't hurt me. Wen we brake out leg we dont expect it to mend straight away because we know it takes time. Same with everything x

  • Hi ! Just read your previous post and then this one! I laughed out loud! I'm so happy for you that all you were dreading did NOT happen! You are amazing, lol, you can remember that film fondly now as"the night you had a brilliant time" and every time you think of it, you will feel good. Well done sweetheart! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • well done, treat yourself to something nice. i get like that when i go to the cinema, last time i had to sit right near the front so i couldnt see how packed it was behind me.......it worked though. i mut see the new twilight....any good?

  • Brilliant well worth sitting there in the packed cinema. Going to c it again nxt wk x

  • Wow! Well Done! I get really stressed at the cinema too - never go on my own, its easier with company and I usually go at quiet times, very impressed you went when its busy! :)

  • This sound just like my evening on Saturday night, good going ;@)

    I am new to this site so it's refreshing to read about like minded people x

  • Fantastic donaf. Im glad you got there and enjoyed the movie. :D

    Well done :D xx

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