Bed time panick attacks

Suffer all day long wiv anxiety/panick attacks, it goes on all day non stop, cant tell were panick attacks stop + were anxiety starts, its never ending, in this vicios circle of fear feedin the fear. now come 2 dread bed time as panick sets in bed time + if i do finaly get 2 sleep i wake wiv jolting attacks + 1nce this starts hav 2 jump streight out of bed as freaks me out, thres no way can stay in bed, dnt feel safe like others say, hav tried 2 let it pass but it doesnt it jst gets worst. does anybody else hav these jolting attacks were u hav 2 get streight up + were ur petrified 2 go bed. bin out 2 appiontments all day + 2 visit freinds + then shoppin but jst freak out werever am, really no restbite at all frm this torture. really can c no other awnser out of this than suicide, really try not 2 but am so desperate + cnt c me livin like this 4 rest of my life.


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  • Get yourself a mindfulness meditation cd and play it when you get into bed, with any luck you will fall asleep listening to it, give it a try. Maybe play it on repeat throughout the night and c if it helps. Xxx i

  • Thanku whatnext. i hav a cd that crisis team gave me a few mnths bck, gonna find it + try.x

  • hi luv i was just like you terrible panic attacks through night and they are so scary i just use to cry but i am sleeping alot better after weeks of having them and feeling drained i am 20mg of citalopram now have you seen your gp luv xxx

  • and luv have a milky cup of horlicks before bed it helps me relax just try it xx

  • If you don't rest your body weakens and it'll be worse.Sleeping is the key and can easly done if you know a few tricks.I would suggest meditation as well but,looking at t.v or laptop in bed will help a lot.Just watch anything that will make you relax and enjoy.Keep yourself in bed,getting up won't help,you'll only be serving the anxiety.I can tell you that,it never gets worse,it ll only get better.I've been there,you can count on this.

    Love and happiness

  • Thanku every1 4 ur kind words, hav tried horlicks, herbal teas + herbal remedys but didnt hlp me at all, also take vitamins but they dnt hlp either so gonna try exercise + relaxation. kindest regards leeanne.x

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