Don't want to look crazy at the doctor , what should I do 😱

So I have a follow up appointment on Monday that I was supposed to have two months ago but I cancelled. After being sick with a stomach infection I had for months and that clearing up then having weird mysterious high heart rate and such after being released from the hospital I went to my regular doctor who took blood and called me and said I had food allergies according to my blood work . I was to follow up with that news back in august but was so stressed out my husband and family found it best if I didn't go back after all I had been through with my health . So even though I wanted to go I never went back and I finally put my foot down and said it was my decision and I'm going back this Monday! But along with being anxious about having food allergies possibly still I have so many other questions I want to ask him. I know I have anxiety and I have so many odd things and symptoms daily and concerns and I really just want to take a whole list of physical sensations to him and go over them one by one πŸ˜‚ I don't know if I should or not because I feel embarrassed by it . Well sorry this post was so long if any of you read the whole thing lol. Just don't know if I should ask him about all the other things I have worries about. And currently freaking out while typing I had a shooting pain in my ear go down my neck and scared about that now πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜± that will be my new thing probably now πŸ™„

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  • Seeing a doctor to ease you're racing thoughts is sometimes the best thing you can do! I understand being scared of what news you'll hear, or whatever. Food allergies can really mess with you, causing high heart rate. So my personal opinion is to go and talk him, ask all your worries. Doctors see actual crazy people, us with anxiety are not we are just a little off kilter thinking about anything and everything

  • Yes I wonder sometimes if they're all related to having food allergies . I ended up in the hospital a second time with that and they had no idea why but come to find out that's why it was! I just want to know it's killing me . And true they do see actual people who are nuts so maybe we don't look too to bad to them lol

  • C-K-J, just a suggestion because I've been exactly where you are with a list of symptoms and wanting to discuss each one at your appointment. It won't work. Once you get to the 3rd symptom, they will tune you out. The doctors don't have that kind of time to spend. I use to write down all my symptoms so I wouldn't rattle on and on but that didn't work either. So I now limit it to the 3 most important symptoms that concern you and address those. My therapist once told me to Fax him all my symptoms so that the nurse can have it in my file, but that didn't work either. I'm sorry, I wish I could be more positive. I can only wish you well on Monday. Let us know how it worked out.

  • It stinks doesn't it!? I figured that's what will happen πŸ™„ Thanks for that information though so I can just use your tip on the three that worry me most! And yes ma'am , i will (:

  • If you do alot of email,I would email the doctor all of your questions eventually. I email my doctor once a week with new questions.And you can check them off your list. In my HMO,THE doctor is required to get back to the patient via email within 48 hours. You are important and worth every question you have. Those questions will help lead you to faster answers about whats wrong with you.

    Good Luck!


  • Love, I just wonder--I'm someone with a million crazy symptoms too, and in my case they all came from having taken Cipro (that and all fluoroquinolones can cause all kinds of delayed symptoms) so I wonder if you had any such antibiotic prior to these symptoms. If so, visit, before you go tot he doctor because doctors tend to not believe this, despite a lot written, including new info from the FDA here in the states at least. Doctors are behind in this stuff, but it's real. And if it is that, it's much better to know than not know as there are things to help and certainly things to avoid to help get better. I wish you well, and feel free to write if you like.

  • Well I was sick back in June and they gave me a antibiotic called Flagyl through iv for a few days and then pill form for about 10. That was literally hell to take it made me crazy . It killed everything in my stomach . That didn't knock the infection out so they tried giving me something else I don't remember what it was called it started with a B I think ,but it was giving me too many side effects so I quit taking it . Would you think that could cause it ?

  • I had swollen lymph nodes in my small intestine in June as well they said I was caused by some type of infection . They didn't keep me in the hospital but it literally took months for me to get better. I started taking a probiotic . But it has left me with terrible health anxiety. For 3 weeks now I have been feeling a inner shaking of my body. Dizzy kitty they gave me Cripo for a uti/ kidney infection too !

  • Yes it took forever for me to get better. I take probiotic too! But my stool still isn't normal. They said it left me with post irritable bowel and I know for a fact my stomach getting all out of wack is what has caused my anxiety.

  • Yes that is exactly what was happening to me too! My stools still are not normal . And yes I know for a fact that's what caused by anxiety to . i'm so happy that someone understands exactly what I was going through! I said to myself I can't be the only one πŸ˜”

  • You're definitely not alone! This whole ordeal has made me a different person and have some serious health anxiety. It is nice to know we aren't the only one! πŸ˜€

  • Visit if you think you've been floxed, and you can write to Lisa Bloomquist directly through her site, she has tons of helpful info. I'm very sorry, and sorry to not have seen this sooner. I'm in the same boat, and so are lots of people. There are things to do to help, and avoid Cipro forever after. You can write to me any time you like. You are not alone in it, and there are things that can help.

  • What does being floxed mean?




  • Floxed is a term used to describe people who have been badly affected by a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, such as Cipro (CiproFLOXacin, thus the nickname) and is a place where info and recovery stories are shared. You can write to the site founder, LIsa Bloomquist, and she is very kind. She's a floxie too, there are many. And there is help for it.

  • The antibiotics can cause these things yes, keep taking a probiotic, and magnesium can't hurt too. And even if you didn't take cipro, has very good tips. I wish you well, love. I'm sorry you are suffering, and you'll get better. Look at the advice on the floxiehope site for diet, supplements and other things that can help but won't hurt. I wish you well.

  • Dizzy kitty,

    What is Cipro?

    Are you saying that being on antibiotics are bad for you?


  • Not all antibiotics are bad, sometimes they are necessary. But the class of antibiotics called Fluoroquinolones (Cipro, Avelox, Levaquin, Floxin and others, and their generic versions) can be dangerous and should not be used unless all other options have been exhausted. They have black box warnings from the FDA in the states, but doctors often don't know about the warnings or don't heed them, although they should. Many people (me included) have been harmed by them and the symptoms can be delayed. You can research it for yourself, and look at for lots of good info.

  • Do you know ecactly what food allergies you have? The doctor should have to give you a list. You should not have to ask.

  • No they didn't do any specific tests . They just took my blood and saw that I was having some kind of allergies to food that my body was rejecting and reacting too.

  • Ok you sound like me , I find new worries all the time and let's help each other just calm down , we keep these docs in business because we make so many appts. Constantly . If you go yo your follow up, take the list and ask everything so you don't kea ecwondering why you just didn't ask. They get paid to make us feel better. I get intimidated too but who cares. Just do it. Hope all is well. And don't worry about that pain you had

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