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What a scary night 😱😱

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Had really bad left arm pain and shoulder pain and it literally felt like it was going into my heart. So I went to the Er. And they did an ekg and blood work and x rays. He said my ekg didn't seem normal. That my heart is kinda off beat. But he said my previous ekg that I had done like 10 days ago looked the looked the same way. But the blood work came back normal and so did the x rays. So he said he doesn't think it is anything serious but wants me to follow up with a cardiologist in a few days 😱 ugh here we go. But other than that he said the pains I get sound more like muscle pain and my anxiety makes it seem worse than what it is. So I have a bad gallbladder. Inflamed stomach with acid. A cyst on my left ovary that I have to get removed. And now this 😱😱 ugh seriously when does it stop. I'm so freaked out anymore its not even funny and im always in constant pain it seems. 😱😱😱

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Hi Rissa, I am so sorry for your scary experience. My left side acts up too...we constrict so much with panic so often. The best thing to do is find a way to relax yourself anyway possible. Give yourself some rest dear. And pray, even if you aren't super into that, give it a try...you ARE loved. I am so sad for us. 😢😟Keep the hope alive no matter what! πŸ˜‡

I almost went to the ER today. I got a tingling sensation in my heart and felt a hot flush on my face. I thought I was having a heart attack. I hate anxiety so much :(

Im so sorry to hear that you are having all these problems. It must be quite a worrying time. Quite a stressful time. I was just wondering if you had any support as go through these tests. Hopefully you have someone there to hold your hand.

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I did my gram was there

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Im glad you had someone there with you. Hope all goes well

Hi Rissa. I too have a lot of physical issues. Please take care of yourself. Get all the tests done the doctors tell you to. It's hard to differentiate between anxiety or a heart issue, ect. I'm one that never took symptoms seriously,and have paid a price for it. I too am having trouble with irregular heartbeat, plus shortness of breath. Sometimes a physical ailment can make anxiety worse. Take care of yourself and feel better.

Wow, i also went to the ER an had an EKG, my discharge papers also says abnormal, but when i question the Doctor he stated " ITS NORMAL FOR ME" i still dont understand whats he is saying they also comparing all my other EKGs to the other ones i have took at diffrent emergency rooms an say the same thing

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Yeah well this doctor pulled ekgs from before and said they have always looked like that since 2013. But still wants me to follow up with a cardiologist. Now me with anxiety hearing that just made me lose it. I was crying so hard I couldn't even breath.


Just so scary for me. They rushed me in a room when I first got there and had me on a machine for a few hours and or was just so scary. My mom said they wouldn't have sent me home if it was something that serious. Its so hard to rule out what's anxiety and what's real anymore. I hate it

I feel everything your sayin, if its nothing why send you to a cardiologist right! But your mom is right also they wouldn't send you home if it was serious an it is hard to believe its just anxiety cause i myself have a hard time believing it, "BUT" its must be anxiety if we haven't had a heart attack, to be honest WE WON'T, we both need to believe in self

Hi, Have the doctors do anot MRI on your Cervical and Thoracic spinal areas. I had frequent arm pains, anxiety, and stomach/digestive issues for a long time. I was treated for Diverticulitis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel, and Tendinitis. After ruling out most of these after failed treatments and medications, I had x-rays and MRI's on my shoulder first then my spine. I had spinal surgery on a couple discs this past summer. Since then, many issues have subsided or disappeared.

Many of the peripheral symptoms can arise from an Impingement or combined with Radiculopathy within the C1-C7 (Cervical) & T1-T12 (Thoracic) due to the fact that the majority of the branches of the spinal cord pass through these discs. These sections of nerves control basically bladder to head. When a disc breaks down (Degeneration) betweek the vertibrae, there is less space for these nerves to pass through, causing symptoms to occur down the track of the nerves. Unfortunately, Doctors need to rule out local concerns and causes first.

Worth checking out at least!

Here's a good chart example for spinal functionality... the subluxation view is the better image.


I almost went to the er thursday! my pulse was racing and my heart was bounding in my chest but i dont have insurance and my mom assured me that it was just anxiety. So the next day I went to the dcotor and he did an ekg and said it was normal but my pulse was very fast. Last night i had another panic attack because i just cant belive its just anxiety causing all this heart pain.

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Sorry for replying so late! Yes anxiety can cause a lot of problems that seem life threatening.. But with time we can get over it. Once you learn how your body is with anxiety the easier it gets. I hope you are feeling better! I have been to the er so many times and every time they say nothing is wrong! The mind is a powerful thing!

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