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Follow up from last time! :)

Hello everyone, some of you asked me to keep you updated on my MRI results..

I didnt end up going! I was to scared. The thought of being under the big mashine not being able to move a muscle .. i just couldnt. Anxietys a bitch ay!

So anyway, im off for my first session of hytnotherapy friday! Really looking foward to it as things have been so tough as all of you know. Been having chest pains when trying to sleep, then got to wake up because i think' i cant breath. So frustraiting!!

The main sensation i get off anxiety is feeling like my bodys moving, i never believed this was a symtom of anxiety before i believed it was something more serious.. had my bloods done and it was all clear!! I thought by getting out it would make me feel better.. in some sort of way yeah not health wise! I was in tesco and it felt like the floor was moving! this happens all the time.. sometimes it goes for about 2/3 days then comes back with a vengance lol. But anyway, wish me luck for my first session! Hope i get my life back on track, get a job and enjoy life! I wish you all the best and hope you all get through it xxxxxx

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Good luck on your first session ;) this is the start to recovery & maybe after a few you will feel you can face the MRI scan , also come on here nxt time when something is coming up that you feel fearful over & we will try & support you

All the feelings you feel are what anxiety feels like ...its not very nice , try & accept them & if you can it helps take the fear away , tell yourself i no what this is , its anxiety & let it come & go again

You will get back on track & start enjoying life again

Keep coming on when you want support a moan , a rant , whatever & let us no how it goes





Thank you whywhy im really looking foward to it, he sounds genuine and full of hope that things are going to change!

Hehe will do! Thanks again :D xxxx


Have fingers crossed for you , all sounds very positive love



thankyou!! :) xxxx


Don't worry its your anxiety but try calm as you can and why you need MRI for? Xx


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