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Night time is rubbish!

Woke up at 3am and can't get back to sleep. Geeky very chesty and headachey. Got bad anxiety and can't get back to sleep :(

Everyone is asleep so can't chat to anyone or get reassurance. Anxiety and panic disorder is horrible and thought I had kicked this after a year of being practically fine.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend and hopefully will get back to sleep soon!!!


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Im the same also just been woke up :(! Its horrible :/! Hope you get back to sleep xx


It's so frustrating isn't it! Makes me run down a lot of the time which then makes anxiety attacks easier!!! Did you get back to sleep ok?


It is im up most nights at every hour :(! Yeah same definately doesnt help anxiety through the day! I fell asleep for about another hour then up for the day how about you?x


Hi Ollie.

I hope you managed to get some sleep,its awful when you wake in the early hours and you can't get back to sleep.I hope the rest of the Easter break is good for you.



I feel for you. I will fall asleep for all of two hours and then am wide awake for the rest of the night. I'm sorry for what you are going through also.


Hi everyone, Hope everyone has had a great day!

Managed to get back to sleep which is great, but, guess what, its night time again!

Sat in bed with a headache around my temples, keep thinking im gonna have a stroke! Anxiety is so stupid I just wann feel normal and not have to worry about aches, pains, my head, my heart, bleurgh!

Just need to vent a bit. Being on computer won't help me sleep I know but always find night time is the hardest and soon everyone will be asleep except me!!!

Ollie x


You sound just like me! It is stupid yesterday i tried ignoring it and it worked quite well everytime i had a negative thought i was like no anxiety not today and kept busy and i found it worked quite well until night! But thats the next step! Hope last nights sleep was better x


Just started to hear a clicking noise in my head aswell! Really freaked me out!!


Hi ollie :-) have you tried the headspace app? That's good for helping you to relax


No will look into it now! Hopefully will get better nights sleep tonight! Thanks Evey x


It's confirmed. Night time is still rubbish! Worrying about my chest, work tomorrow is going to be so stressful I don't want to go :(

Can't sleep so,going to be so tired and run down. Which makes anxiety so much more likely and i hate the panic and anxiety and stress :( know I can get through it but sat here alone at night with no one to talk to it seems like a hell of an uphill battle.

Hope everyone had great Easter weekends. Ollie x


Totally agree ollie, cant sleep either and start back at work today oh joy :D xx


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