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I'm different... my anxiety is not so bad as some but episodes are frequent. Does anyone else feel the same?

Hi all, I really am finding a lot of solace in this site. But I can't help feeling that I am not as bad as everyone else, though I still have a definite problem. Because if this, I've been finding it hard to get help.

I don't have a health phobia or social anxiety. I used to have a phobia and have had some very hard times, so I know my anxiety is down to that. My main problem is that I catastrophise. If someone wants to have a meeting with me, if I do something wrong... anything, I catastrophise. I also worry that I will never finish my work, that people are thinking bad of me... I worry about everything. When I panic, I can get bery tearful and angry. I feel a warmth in my chest and can feel like things are unreal (I suffer from depersonalisation and can get very claustraphobic if paniced). I've only ever had two actual panic attacks. But when I get anxious, it is still debilitating and I cannot calm down until I am fully reassured.

Even though I feel I am at the lower end of the disorder, my panicing is making work very difficult and causing a major problem in my relationship. I am also tired from being on edge so much.

If anyone feels similar, it really would be lovely to hear from you.


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Hi, I also have a tendency to catastrophise, also don't have any health or social anxiety, and although we might feel our own anxiety is not as bad as some others, Im sure it's just as bad to us! It's still debilitating and can negatively affect our lives. I understand it can be a learned way of thinking, some of us naturally look at the glass half full, some half empty. if you feel it's really affecting you I'd suggest you go back to the gp and saying how the anxiety is affecting your work and relationship.

Anxiety UK can provide counselling and cbt. CBT is meant to be good for getting us to recognise and change our negative thought processes. Hope that you can get some help.


Thanks Kaz12345! While I catastophise about most things, sometimes I minimise my symptoms. It's lovely to hear this from you x


TBH so did I, I've always thought this is just the way I am, it only dawned on me a while ago that I suffered from anxiety. How dumb is that? I consider Im reasonably (some may disagree) intelligent, mostly rational, etc, etc, but still find it hard not to catastrophise. I think it will always be a work in progress but hopefully we are halfway there by recognising we catastrophise! I often wonder if we think the worst because then if that does turn out that way, we won't be too shocked or disappointed!


I think or should I say worry in the same way,I love this site,but I don't think I am as bad as everyone else,but neither the less,it is ruining my life,My stupid worries are always there but on few occasions I feel a sort of bubbling ,like happiness deep down that wants so hard to come out but can't for the worrying .I sometimes think people think bad of me and don't want to know me,I know some people think I am stuck up"I ignore them or don't speak to them" but it is because I think if I do speak to them or try to join their company I am not wanted or included,it only takes the slightest remark to me and I am so hurt,thinking They don't want to know me!I think this comes from my late husband who used to belittle me and ignore me for the smallest things and often for nothing,an example being if I dropped anything he would call me clumsy and stupid .Like you I have hard times ,not because of my own doing,just life things.mostly deaths of close family members.I am not suicidal but because my Father done itI wonder if it runs in the family and is that where I will evidently end up?No,could never do that to my family.


Yes,going on about me,I fell just like you,it is like walking on eggshells.


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