Could this be Anxiety or maybe MS?

So I'm not sure if my problem is anxiety no more. The last 2 days I've been feel rough. If I'm sat down I feel dizzy or feeling like I'm in a rocking boat I've been having a lot of shaking in my legs and hot flushes if I stand up I loose balance on my feed now I've always lost balance on my feet even when I was a kid. I think it's more seriously than anxiety. My eyes go funny sometime. Ive had blood tests and nothing has come back everything is normal except my red blood cells are larger than my white blood cells. Now I dunno what to do. It seems like I'm getting worst and I worry and get panicky I keep thinking that I'm going to be in a wheelchair only because my sister thinks it could be MS. My anxiety is bad as I can't go out in public I find it hard to go for walks if I leave my house I have a panic attack but why the sudden dizziness I can remember that I had this awhile ago when I went to Ireland on the boat dad said that its sea legs but I think it's more seriously. Anyone got any ideas?


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  • All the symptoms sound like anxiety.i have been through every symptom you just described.and the dizziness that your worried about is very common.i cant hardly leave the house niether bc i feel if i actually got out and done something maybe i could get my mind off my dont worry you are not alone.if u ever need someone to talk to just message me anytime.

  • Thanks for your reply. I guess Anxiety does all sorts to you. it sucks i went out for a walk earlier but didn't go far because of my anxiety acting up.

  • Oh bless you, I've been getting those symptoms too, but I also have had digestive issues and palpitations, I've got to have further tests, the last 8 weeks have been the worse in my life, I was so I'll I cocouldn't et out of bed, I lost lots of weight, but thankfully I'm getting better :) have you tried vitamin d and magnesium? Plus try warm lemon water every morning.

  • That's no good. Went I quit smoking I had loads of problems with my anxiety and problems with my stomach. I started smoking again because I couldn't cope with my stomach problems and my anxiety I feel smoking controls my anxiety.

  • If it helps then thats what you've got to do for now, I'll pray for you :)

  • I didn't want to start again but at the same time I was fed up with it all u know

  • One step at a time :)

  • May I ask if you consume any diet drinks or anything with artificial sweeteners in it? Artificial sweeteners can cause MS like symptoms in some people.

  • I drink Fanta but not all the time. But if I drink Fanta it does make me feel tired. I've also quit smoking but started because that's the only thing that seems to help my anxiety.

  • Know all these symptoms only too well. The weird thing is that I have always thought of myself as basically healthy and strong, so why, I ask myself, do I suffer these symptoms. I had some while free from them and it was wonderful. But I guess we all have our Achilles heel and suddenly, just as I had got used to being 'normal', out of the blue came a dizzy feeling that put me back where I started. This has happened two or three times and am going through a bad patch at the moment, possibly due to reactions to BP meds. Am having more BP tests. Still at the back of my mind is the awful feeling that I may have MS. or something equally deadly.

  • it sucks but i guess its just life. My anxiety has got worst over the years tho.

  • Were you aware that it was anxiety or did you become anxious after experiencing the physical symptoms? You mentioned feeling off balance as a child. I go back a long way, but I can still clearly remember a lot of my childhood and I would feel wobbly walking over gratings in the pavement. I was always having 'nervous' tummies and rashes. Still I count myself lucky in a lot of ways. Does smoking not increase your dizziness?

  • sometimes i can be walking then id just loose my balance I've always had it even when i was a child i had issues with my balance. but when i was 15 thats when my anxiety started. it sucks tbh. wish i could get rid of it. I've always had a bad tummy its either a upset tummy thats kicking off the anxiety or its anxiety kicking off the bad stomach. If i go out my stomach just turns and i get panicky.

  • Oh, and weird eye and leg symptoms too...

  • same here let me know how you get on.

  • Hi macman_92, What did your doctor say as to the larger red blood cells? Are you to have a repeat of the test further down the line or additional tests of any kind? I don't doubt that some of your symptoms are anxiety caused but you need some answers as to your medical health. Rather than worry about the symptoms getting worse, I would make another appointment with your doctor so that you can explain what is happening. If it does turn out to be anxiety then maybe he can recommend a therapist to help you. I wish you the best.

  • Anyone who has anxiety will focus on their symptoms and take for granted the worse! Me too I thought I had ms. I have terrible symptoms and I have been going though crapolina anxiety for 40 years. As far as your blood results are concerned, it seems to me that it could be just anemia and low b12, which also could explain your symptoms though I am no doctor. But people with high level of anxiety, also have high cortisol and deplete their adrenal and as well end up not being able to absorb nutrients properly. Major one : b12. Did you have your b12 checked?

  • In short: Most likely anxiety, but get a Dr's opinion to be safe. I'm terrible with anxiety myself. In fact, I cam here to post a question on some of my symptoms to see if anyone can relate!

    I had some MS scares, those morphed into other scares though. I won't list them in case you have anxiety issues. MS can typically be ruled out with an MRI. Lesions should appear if you're positive for MS. Also, Lumbar test can be done to find if you have rings. The MRI usually detects about 90-95% of people with MS though.

    Also, MS doesn't mean you're going to end up in a wheel chair. The disease hits everyone differently. Some are very mild.

    Please note that your odds of getting MS are about 1 in 750 too. So the odds are on your side.

    Stay off Google as it will only fuel the fire! Go to your Dr and rely on them for answers. If it's anxiety, stop back here and learn to beat it!

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