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Bad day today,been feeling anxious for a couple of days

Hi,having finished my councelling I'm starting to go back to my old ways again,worrying about health. Don't think I'm ever going to get better! .I finished in nov and on the 21 st dec started worrying and getting anxious ,and I had a works night out,as a result I had a few to many ( never again ) came home and fell down the stairs,as. Result fractured my wrist in 3 places,had to have surgery and plate and pins in,hospital must have thought what a crazy woman,I would not go to sleep to get operation ,so they froze my arm instead ( scared I would not wake up lol) ,blood pressure was sky high,as I was getting so anxious,so looks like councelling has not worked,been of work since ad will be for the next 5 weeks,was told that was the worst thing for me staying at home as my health anxietys start to stray to other parts of my life like not wanting to go out,scared ill see someone ill or have to speak to someone who is ill, etc,wish I could get better,as at the moment I have no quality of life at all,just worrying about me getting cancer,sorry for the rant,just feeling down today :( x

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Ahh sorry to hear your having such a tough time it is hard for us all and no one seems to understand our anxiety and stress from it we all have good and bad days luv you must keep your head up and think it will get better hard i know but everyone on here will help if you need it we all know how lonely it gets for us so keep posting we can try and help you the best way we can xxx


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