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Ok so I forgot me tablet last nite (silly me). So I just took it and got abit of fear. Mainly cuz I forgot the tablet I took out the packet had broke (I quashed it on accident other day) so the powder was half out of it. So anyway I took that out and of cause the powder was over my hands so i washed it down the sink, washed me hands a few times to mek sure it was off me hands. Then sat down and had my normal daily one. I don't know why I panic so much cuz I didn't take one yesterday and also I'm on one 20mg a day. People out there am on two a day (my sister for one) and I'm sure I've red on here before that someone is or was on three a day. I only take one. A fear ova taking one that I've been on since last may. This anxiety is doing my head in at this moment in time. I can feel it with me now. It must be the weather as a lot of us am feeling it. Sometimes u come on this site and a lot of people am doing ok, and really positive. Lately its not just me but nearlly everyone is having a hard time. Don't get me wrong theres people on here that am feeling worser then me and to be honest I don't know how I coped when I was that bad as the way its making me feel with just abit at the moment. I say coped but I didn't cope untill my tablet kicked in and then I red that at last a life book. Then I started thinking different starting lifting myself up day by day. I'm just having a bad few days, but it does worry u still as that's what anxiety does make us feel fear, makes us worry more then a person who doesn't suffer with it like we do. I'm gonna have a chillaxing bath in abit and listen to abit of matt goss as his voice and songs seem to relax me. Drink me cuppa first, then after I've done that I'm going in roses garden. I've brought her a present for her garden, I don't where where she will put it. A nice jacuzy xxx

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Dear Donaf,

I am sorry to read that you are having a bit of a difficult time at the moment. I hope that you feel better soon.

Kindest regards,



Ah dona what you like your getting in a tizzy hun its usually you calming me down love you go have a nice bath and chill for a bit and you are doing great i wish i could be like you strong just weak at mo but sure it will come esp with all you lovely people on here xxx


Hi donaf

Gosh this anxiety , it is so grrr what can start us of , you have done well & like you say its a few rocky days that will pass again

I have had a funny taste on my tongue today & i can tell you , my head is starting , i am trying to ignore it & thats why i keep popping in & out of the garden ...hurry up flipping heck we have a jacuzy now wow , just need a couple of hunky men now to serve our drinks ;)





Thanks guys, its lovely to know we am all here for each other. I wud rather let it all out these days, so it doesn't build up inside which really does help. I'm off to roses garden to chill out :-) x


Donaf Sometimes I forget my tablet the valium which I do at tea time, and I get so afraid, I take one when I remember it, and then set the alarm clock for early hours of the morning to make up for it, people say do not bother, but I have been on them years and years, I also take Escitolapram, which is the same as Citolopram I take them in the morning at 6.30am and they knock me to sleep, So I always rise late morning, they do not seem to be helping the depression,as my husband has Altizheimer, and it is a constant worry to me, he does not know me.

Regarding Roses Garden do you have to imagine you are in the garden, or can you click in, I really am sick of crying, I would love my husband backas he was.Please answer me. Love Lindenlea


Hi Lindenlea - Rose's Garden is a virtual garden, we all bring something to it and enjoy the "virtual" peace it bring us! If you click on this blog:-

and just read the posts, you'll get an idea of how it works, and if you think it will help you! We do have a giggle sometimes, too! ;)


Rose xxxx


I imagine im in the garden when im lieing down and feeling low or anxious. it really does help it reminds me of before I came on this site in the summer. I would lie on my mates swing with her fluffy pillows in the sun and watch her gardening. it really did carm me down, so the imaginery garden suits me so much lol I know what you mean with your husband its a horrible thing to happen, my aunty had it and how I wished she didn't as she didn't know any of us xxx


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