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Day 1 of trying to move forward ;)


Well as I wrote last night after a few awful anxious days I was going to try and help myself. So up I got this morning kids all sorted and myself, few pains in stomach when getting ready but got out the door ok. Driving to work I did start to panic abit thought I felt faint and started thinking what if I faint when I'm driving and crash but I just turned up the radio and it kinda distracted me. Got to work and all was good had a gossip and a laugh. Only one wobble when someone asked me are u ok u don't look yourself ! I started to think I must really be ill when peoples saying that. Home now ate a good tea and watching the soaps. So day 1 - No Internet looking at illness and also I started to drink loads of water (to help make me healthier lol). So Day two work again but in evening hoping to go a walk :)

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Sounds like u did gd :-) apart from the odd wobble ! But we all get them :-) well done hope tomoz is a gd day to x

MissyK in reply to Stacey83

Fingers crossed :)) x

Sounds like an overall good day! Hope tomorrow will be even better :) you'll get there you just need to believe in yourself xxx

MissyK in reply to lovalova1991

Thank you - it was a good day in general. Long my it last :)

Well done you!

MissyK in reply to Mysteryreader

Thank you :)


Well done x sounds like you had a good positive day x we are all aloud to wobble x it makes us stand firmer so we don't fall :) x

MissyK in reply to Hidden

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