Has anybody been successful finding employment after long-term illness?

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, and decided to join it because everybody here is so friendly. Regarding my question, I was fired for being ill (severe GAD) a year ago. I would like to go back to work, but I don't know if the reason why I was fired will count against me. Has anybody been in this situation? Thank you for your replies.


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  • Any answers anyone?

  • Hi love i dont know what GAD is love so call me thick but you need to keep trying all you can do is try i have been suffering with panic attacks and recently it has affected my work with regards to work but i do my own cleaning business so people have been so understanding as they have known me years and no i am usually an outgoing person sorry not much help xxx

  • Hi, it's generalized anxiety disorder. No problem, it's always good to hear what experiences other people have :)

  • Hi Steffi

    Im not sure about this one either as Ive worked for myself for the last 13 years, there have been times when Ive had to have time off work suffering with general anxiety and luckily ive just said im not well, pulled myself togethr in a relatively short time and carried on... im not sure how working full time for someone else would work, I kinda need to get a full time job but not sure i'd be able to hack it....

    Not sure what your situ is..... is part time an option??


  • Hello, I want to go back full time. I had a great job but then my generalized anxiety disorder went haywire due to a very stressful family situation. I started missing days here and there, but then it was entire months until I was kicked out. I refused medical treatment for so long because I'm really scared of taking pills, but my financial situation has turned for the worst (partner lost his job), and now I must find employment or else :(

  • i lost my job due to anxiety issues and still am out of work due to lack of jobs in my town i say if you feel like you can cope then go and get back into work if not work out whey and get it looked at asap. i have worked hard to get control of my problems and plan on keeping it that way

  • Hello, I'm already under medical treatment, but it's the very early stages. I was prescribed antidepressants, but nothing to help me cope with the crippling anxiety in the meantime. I am really hoping the treatment works because we can't afford not to eat :(

  • Dear Steffi,

    Welcome to this site. It is very nice to see that you have joined us.

    Kindest regards,


  • Thank you Marcus :) there are lots of people like me here. It's good to know I'm not the only one suffering from crippling anxiety.

  • Hi Steffi, I'm worried sick about work. I have been off a number of times, it begins usually with a bug, or like this time i had a bad back. That was october. I then became anxious- i have GAD.and depression and wasnt able to go back. My doctor signed me off from nov 22nd to feb 22nd. I'm so worried i've even got a job to go back to and am dreading that day so much. I know i'm lucky to probably still have a job, but its not a job i want, as i feel it increases my anxiety, So i feel stuck to be honest. I'm so scared. I dont think the doctor will sign me off longer. Im due to see him on feb 14th and i'm even dreading that. I reallyknow how you feel though, as a job i had for a number of years i went off for 4 months with depression and didnt go back. It took a few months to get another job but i did get one.

    I just feel now, if i leave my job, reason being my GAD and depression, no one will touch me with a barge pole. I just want to be happy. Arghhhhhh.

    Sorry for waffling xx

  • Hi Rachy,

    I fully understand you. My work environment was really toxic, and there was nothing I could do about that. On top of that I was under incredible strain at home from situations completely beyond my and my partner's control, so, something had to give in, and that was my health. I've had mood disorders since I was a child, but I had never lost a job to anxiety (GAD).

    I also have that feeling that nobody will want to touch me if I tell the reason why I was fired, so I have been doing some research online. There's an organization called mind that gives advice on mental illness and work. Here is the link:


    I've had a look myself, and it offers very good advice. Apparently mental illnesses are covered by the Disability Act, so if you apply to a public sector job they have to give you at least an interview.

    The job market is so tough as it is, and I have to be so ill, not a nice combination :( I'm doing all I can to improve my health. I know it's going to be difficult to explain the gap in my CV, but I have hope that I'll find something. I don't care what it is, as long as I have a regular income again.

    Hang in there Rachy :) This is the place to come and have a good cry. Nobody here is judgmental, that's why I joined this forum. I understand you and you understand me, so no need to feel alone in our predicament <3


  • Hi Steffi,

    God ive had a crap week. I went back to my doctor today, have been signed off for 10 more weeks. I had to leave a message for my boss and shes not got back to me. Im worried shes got the hump with me. I think she thinks im coming back 23rd feb. Am so worried i may not have a job much longer. Having a real nightmare :( Tomorrow im going to see a psychiatrist, havent been for a while and its a different one im seeing. I want him to change my antidepressants. I feel worse on the ones im on. Stressing about that aswell.


  • Work and anxiety are really difficult to cope with! After a bad time with depression and self-harming etc I did group therapy and that helped me a lot. I had a cleaning job which I got because my employer basically gave me a chance, even though my doctor would not say I was fit for work. This was a good start and I was very reliable and earned respect for doing it well. Four hours a day cleaning was not great for my pain syndrome but I did it anyway! Then I changed career and now work as a teaching assistant. It is very hard coping with the anxiety though.

    What should happen is that employers support people with long-term disabilities (mental or physical) to stay in work. I think that my school would be supportive if I needed it, but not all employers take mental health seriously. You need to get support from MIND or a union in my opinion. Job Centres are meant to have people who help those with disabilities but my experience of these people has been varied. Some are helpful, some are dismissive. The same goes for Occupational Health workers. We all need to work to remove stigma from mental illness.

    If there is a local self-help group for anxiety sufferers it could help to join and not be alone with your problems. Work is important and gives you financial security and respect, but it is a tough road to travel without support. Hope things work out for you :-)

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