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Wish I Could Leave My Job

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I’ve just started working in a bank a month ago and I already cannot handle the stress/workload. I want to leave the job, but I know that’s not an option right now because I need money for expenses and all that. I guess the only consolation I have is that my contract ends on Dec 29.

I dread going to work every day.

The stress at work is making my anxiety flare up. I can’t pull in a proper breathe, my back/shoulders hurt and all I wanna do is curl up somewhere and cry. I’m trying to adopt a “whatever happens happens” mindset. Because the worst that can happen is getting fired. At this rate, I don’t care already.

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I feel you. I don't like my job but I need the money.

Exactly. It’s not like going to the doctor/checkups is affordable :( It’s taking a toll on my mental health and I’m starting to think that I’m physically ill all over again.

I have an upset stomach. I always feel nauseous. I don't like to eat cause when I eat I feel like vomiting, but I did go to the doctor today but she said I am ok. It so frustrating that you are ok but doesn't feel like your body is fine

If you work in a bank, there is likely to be an employee assistance provider (EAP) available to you as an employee to help you cope with stress you describe. This service is free and confidential - you will find yourself talking to qualified counselors, often psychologists. You should find the support there to get you through the end of the year.

Besides accessing the EAP it's important to have a conversation with your manager to let him/her know how you are travelling. They can possibly make some accomodations for you at work e.g. a different start time, breaks for stretching or going for a walk

If you can find time to read "Working in The Dark" by Fawn Fitter you will find hints and tips about having this conversation with management. Even though it mentions depression, the comments equally apply to anyone struggling with a mental illness to stay in the workplace

The authors Fawn Fitter and Beth Gulas provide a reassuring, informative guide to dealing with depression on the job -

Problems concentrating. Loss of energy. Feelings of worthlessness. Difficulty making decisions.

Each year millions of people experience a major depressive episode. Keeping a job while struggling to regain one's health is one of the most difficult and delicate aspects of recovery from depression.

They address questions such as: Should I ask my boss for time off? Should I tell my colleagues about my depression? Are my treatment records confidential?

With self-assessment tools and decision-making guidance, this book is a first-of-its-kind resource for people faced with the hardship of working through depression.

Key features and benefits: 1. Identifies and addresses key concerns related to depression in the workplace 2. Provides immediately useful information and advice for readers 3. Inspired by one of the author's personal experiences with major depression

Here the link to order it at Amazon


This is so useful!Thank you! I work in a bank and I had no idea they actually have something like this. I’ll be sure to find out more tomorrow. Thank you so much for guiding me in this direction!

Employee assistance programs are very much an underused resource for mental health and wellbeing of workers, just the same as assistance programs for students.

Good luck. It's hard, but please be determined and focused to get through.

I’ll try :)

I know what you mean. There are cuts/redundancies likely in our job next year. But it so stressful. Today I organised a chat with my boss. I was assertive but not mean. I find it hard but it had some success.

Unfortunately, mine isn’t the understanding type. Mental health is a topic which most people in my country find “foreign”...I’m all alone in this boat.

I understand how you feel. My job is not really that stressful as far as the type of work I have to do but the emotional environment is very toxic. Management is very poor and there is no direction or leadership so as a result the employees are punished harshly for minor infractions. I dread going there everyday because of the way I am treated.

Oh dear :( Have you been working there for very long? I quite enjoy what I do,but they don’t seem to care about whether their staffs are overloaded with work or not.All they want are results. And I don’t have days when I can “recover” from feeling anxious...it’s a vicious cycle. Go to work anxious > go home feeling wven more anxious

I’ve been with this job for almost 13 years and it used to be a decent place to work but the original company was bought out and it has since had two different owners. I hate how much it affects me and how I bring my feelings home with me. I want to be able to relax when I get home but some days are so stressful I just can’t seem to shake my anxiety. I hate having to always be in fear of getting fired but I see it happen all the time that people will get fired for no valid reason. Maybe getting fired would be a blessing in disguise but I just don’t know how I would make it without the paycheck and benefits.

Wow,13 years is a really long time. And my exact same feelings! I’m always worried about work even when I’m at home and the whole vicious cycle repeats itself. People tell me, “You should quit! Do what makes you happy!” And while I know that’s right...my common sense tells me I can’t afford to do that because I need the money.

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sounds like my job

Re. My previous post mine not particularly understanding either. I cry most nights

What would your ideal work be like? Make some points about that and set about finding something better. In the meantime focus on what you look forward to (even if it’s finishing time). Update your resume to help build your confidence.

So sorry you feel this way. Maybe if you count your job as a blessing since so many would love to have a job . Instead of I HAVE TO GO TO WORK, say to yourself : I GET TO GO TO WORK. Replace your have to with get to in everything you do and you will find in a short while, you feel so much better. Be adamant, I GET TO ! 😘😘😘😘

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