Just sitting here thinking we

Just got fired yesterday, could be a good thing .I was a delivery driver ,.The road haven't gotten any safer, .In the few months with My new job I saw a couple of close calls. To old for this crap .try to relax next thing you somebody is sideways in front of me skiding out of control. Felt like I could breath ,just another symptom i guess,but I am a smoker. Opened up my unemployment file ,feel better, only temporarily I'm sure.


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  • Hi Bekay, I was just reading your post from a few hours ago. It sounds like this might be the time

    to make some life changes. Driving for a living is a stressful job, no doubt about it. Always driving on the defense being ready for someone to make a wrong move, keeps your muscles tight as a top. While sitting there thinking today, maybe make a list of things you might want to do as well as what you can do to help reduce the stress in your life. I doubt if it's all coming from driving. By writing things you want to change down on paper, you will not feel so overwhelmed in what's going on in your life.

    One step at a time may get you to a comfortable and safe place in your life. I'm glad your on the forum for support and understanding. My best to you. We're always hear to listen.

  • Thank you,I appreciate your comments. I've gotten myself into a bad position, possible eviction automobile problems those are big especially the eviction potentialy, but I'm more important I guess, if I can take care of myself, the other things will follow, I.e. car ,home,

  • Exactly Bekay...without your health, you are no where. You have a lot on your plate right now. Step back for a moment and breathe...Put things into perspective with you being at the top. Don't project down the road..Today is all we have. and Always make some "me" for yourself. Do something you enjoy or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  • Agora1,thanks a lot again.

  • That is just what I'm doing, well,that's one right thing I guess.

  • :) it's all going to fall in place Bekay!

  • You know, now matter how terrible I've made myself feel it always ends up that I felt that way for nothing ,it's a waste of time and energy to feel like that for nothing.

  • You've got it...The waste of time and energy that anxiety is....

  • I hope things get better for you also. Best wishes things will be OK x

  • Thank you

  • To greeneyes2

    Thank you

  • Hi Bekay!! I agree with Agora1 that maybe being fired is a sign that a change in job scenery is what you need right now. :-) Definitely take time each day for yourself to sit and relax to help clear your mind. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  • Eljared91, I'm sorry I didn't get to see what you replied, so I will say appreciate the comment.

    Thank you ,


  • You are right!


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