Four month review on Celexa

I have been taking celexa for four months now. I have gained some weight. I have less anxiety than before which is good the only thing I have a problem with is I am emotionally numb. I have feelings but I feel as if I can't act on them . I dont get upset it just rolls off my shoulder and i soon forget. I dont cry anymore. I have this i dont care attitude. I have no motivaton really. I only do things because i have to such as work. I like being alone a lot. I would say i can handle thing better than before because i truly dont care. I also sleep a lot i find i need a nap most days. But i rather.not feel anything if it can keep my anxiety at bay. Some dayd i a zombie


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  • Hi User4567, I'm glad you are doing better. It sounds like Celexa has been a good med for you. Everything you are describing in how you feel means the drug is doing it's job. It's a trade off but as you said you'd rather keep anxiety at bay. I agree with you. You needed that break. x

  • My bad days are less now than ever. I feel like the days im upset dont last long. I actually rest a lot more. I have even started back exercising.

  • Sounds good User4567, I wish you continued success. Embrace the good days :)

  • What dose are you on? I kind of felt like that ( emotional numbness) at 20 mg but feel much better on 30. I tried 40 but I felt way too out of it so I went back down. I have been on celexa for about 3 months now.

  • I am on 20mg. I think if i go higher its gone be worse. I think this is best for me right now. My goal is to get off of it January 2018

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