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Sleepless nights galore!

I read some of the comments and my heart goes out to everyone.I wish I had a secret remedy I could hand on. I can recommend reflexology for complete relaxation therapy. Also see if you have a 'walk in' healing centre near you as they are often given free with perhaps a small donation.

Today I am having hypnotherapy as somewhere along the line my 'go to sleep switch' has broken. I am hoping that the hypnotherapist will be able to tap into my subconscious and release it for me. I will keep you posted on that.Have had a few lovely nights sleep with sleeping pills but they add to my anxiety as they are addictive and should not be continually used.

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Just a thought, maybe worth a try.....worked for me................have half an hour without stimulation i.e. switch of telly.........during this time make a hot drink.........find good soothing music..........better still music that reminds you of the good times and either play this quietly and let your mind do the rest. I used to go to bed with earphones on and after a few nights never even heard the end of the first track..........regards.stde.


Thank you for your reply. a lot of my problem is the continuous thumping in my ears of my pulse. when it is quiet,this is all I hear!!But I do agree that it certainly isn't stimulus that one needs. I bought an audio book thinking it would finally send me off, but after an hour of listening to it, I turned it off.

I am already getting anxious about tonight. I have a battle on my hands I know.


Hi, I have that pulse in my ear too. I looked it up and it' has a name, pulsatile tinnitus. Something to do with the blood vessels near your ear and if you hold your pulse and the swooshing is in time ... I know it can be a symptom of anxiety and I'm hoping mine will go butI've had it for weeks and of course you do 'Listen' to it when it's quiet, ie, when you put your head on that pillow! I have trouble getting off to sleep with it too so sympathise. I might try the headphones and music idea myself ...


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