Good night's sleep :)

Hi all,

Not been up long just had the best nights sleep Ive had for a long time, must be something to do with having such a good day yesterday and going to bed relaxed and not worrying :)

I hope the weekend gets better for you Winter and Whywhy sorry to see you have tooth problems teeth can be such a nuisance why can't we be like sharks they just grow new ones lol!

Mimii xx

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  • Afternoon mimii

    Could be these dreams that are helping you , any rod last night ;)

    That was a good sleep , I am pleased you feel good for it , I no it helps

    Yes teeth do caues alot of problems , I am hoping this will go away , even though I am not sure , bad enough having hospital on Wednesday , without the thought , of maybe needing the dentist as well :o

    Tea planned , have we some Pukka pies left maybe :)




  • No Rod didn't visit last night , still maybe tonight lol hope your tooth feels better soon you have enough to think about with the hospital, looks like a lot of us will be stressed out on Tuesday night, my daughters starting college Wednesday, I think I'm starting work though still not had contract your going to hospital !!

    Lol no pies left :D

    Mimii xx

  • Oh no Rod :( well fingers crossed maybe tonight :-/

    Yes Tuesday might not be looking good on here ,what with one thing & another , infact if this tooth doesnt calm itself down Monday might not be looking good either as I would have to phone :O

    I do hope not , my two worse fears , Hospitals & dentist , I can feel my anxiety going up , just with the thoughts :o

    O dear all the pies gone , now then wonder whats on the menu for tea tonight then , any more offers :D


  • Well tonight we are having taste the difference steak and tomato flavour burgers (2 packs for a fiver) with chips and salad lol what's on your menu :D ,hows the tooth x

  • 2 for a fiver :o thats good value , you will have to let me no the verdict , havnt tried those :-/

    Chicken , curry & rice in this cafe on a Saturday :D


  • They're well tasty have had them before, yum like a good curry not too hot though :D

    Mimii x

  • No just medium for me , thats all I can manage :-/


  • Sounded like a wonderful day yesterday :) & a good nights sleep too, you're on a roll :D


  • Thanks thomson , just waiting for something to go wrong now lol hows things with you ok I hope x

    Mimii :)

  • Oh I know that feeling lol

    We're doing ok thanks. Dd is out on a date with her bf :o She rang me earlier just to tell me Love Shack was playing in the pizza place they're at 'cos it's one of my favourite songs, Bless her :D She sounded very happy


  • Out on a date eh whats the b f like , that's nice she thinks of you while she's out :) hope your having a bit of me time and putting your feet up while you can :)

    Mimii xx

  • Here we go again whats the BF like

    Tell Linalou , he looks like jetstar , she will soon be on :D


  • Now whywhy, Im not one of those Panthers or leopards just healthily curious :D

    Mimii xx

  • Whats Panthers or leopards :D

    Thats a new one to me , do you mean Cougars :D


  • Thats what I meant !! :D

  • Oh mimii :D

    You been on the wine tonight , that has made me laugh :-/


  • No just the burgers, told you they were good :D xx

  • I've been on the wine, making the most of a night off :D

    The bf seems lovely, tall, handsome & has been devoted to her for months. Clever girl made him wait :D


  • Good for you :) he sounds lovely nice to know theres still a few good ones about :)

    Mimii x

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