Sleepless nights

Hello Everyone,

I am 23 Male ,It all started with minor headache 2 months ago after that til now my life is not normal,I always keep on thinking about my health keep googling symptoms,Keep checking my vital points all the time.I got all sort of tests done blood test mri ct scan but nothing came out.Ihave this constant feeling I have some sort of very serious disease and I will die soon.I cant sleep at night doesnt enjoy the stuff I used to before.Always thinking about my health and new symptoms which appear daily.Please help


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  • I've just posted on Mranxious's blog on much the same subject and from experience I know that if you can get an appointment with a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (there are many people running CBT sessions but not always effective owing to lack of qualifications) you have a good chance of learning how to change your attitude toward life and death.

    It might take time to get an appointment but see your doctor & ask him/her to arrange this for you. Good luck & best wishes.

  • Im not sure if it is really an anxiety or something serious as symptoms suggest i have cancer and all

  • Heya I know exactly how u feel. Give me a message if u wanna chat more in depth x

  • Hi

    I know how your feeling! I went through all this a few months ago! It defiantly sounds like anxiety... Your stressing your self out!! That's why your symptoms keep changing! It's your nervous system! Just think if there was something seriously wrong it would show in your bloods! And because there's no answer- u google- which makes it 100 times worse!!! You have to try and get on top of it! Go see your gp! My gp put me on anxiety meds! All my symptoms have now stoped! Hope this helps :) foxy36

  • Ya I knw Google make it 100 times worse but I cnt resist searching it .I miss those days when I was perfectly fine and cheerful and now all I think is death,cancer etc .I have totally stressed out myself .it is spoiling my life as well as of those who are linked with me.I hope one day I will be back to cheerful :)

  • Do we have to take these med for life ?

  • What other symptoms do you have?

  • sudden sharp pains here and there pondering headache,nervousness etc

  • My anxiety is to the moon!!! I feel like we are going through the same bs! My stressing started out with a headache that lasted for two or three months. Now, I think I have heart problems,cancer, and all kind of different health problems. I want to be NORMAL again! Everyday I feel like I'm gonna die. I'm so deseperate and I need help!!! Hopefully, we can try to help each other out. We should not have to deal with this alone. When i find something that helps ease this I will let u know.I have to go now because I cant breath and my heart is going off the chart right now

  • Same here I think I have 20 kind of cancers at this young age from stomach cancer to pancreatic cancer to bowel cancer to testical cancer to adrenal cancer etc etc. I keep thinking which make it even worse

  • Omg, I have recently been dealing with the same issue! Constantly checking my self, had any test you can think of and just have this constant fear. I'm so sorry to hear you going through this. Did u feel that's after your testing came back good that it lifted some type of weight off your shoulder? I know it did for me for a little but then I seemed to find something else that was "wrong" with me. I know how you feel..your not alone.

  • Ya exactly once i felt ok i don't have brain tumor then started other kind of cancers symptoms .How to cope up I dont know :(

  • I know how you feel. I feel relieved once I get my results, but then nothing new starts getting my mind to think the worst. I started doing CBT and it is helping with my negatives thinking

  • Does CBT really help even I was thinking of taking I have again started feeling I have adernal cancer now :(.I am planning to visit doc this weekend it will be my 20th visit i guess in the past 2 month and get check one last time if nothing came out thats it.I will go with CBT I am already broke spending to much on docs

  • I know. I promise I understand. I was doing it this morning. Mine just started back up again within the last couple days with this ebola bullshit. I know this may not help but if you have seen drs and have been tested you have nothing to worry about. We are Wayyy to young to live our lives like this. Living in fear of dying and constantly worrying is taking away from us actually living! Like I said easier said then done, it all takes time. If you ever need to tlk you can always message me. Hang in there.

  • what is drs

  • Doctors* lol sorry

  • I really need someone who can understand what I am going through I have pit my relationship family every one in trouble they all get scared when I tell all this I m ruining my life aswell as of my loved ones

  • Do you get any support from them at all? Or do u feel kind of alone?

  • I get support but I think I m troubling them every day by telling today i Have this thing that thing .THey say get check up why have you become like this and all they also feel sad

  • I seriously feel like I'm talking to myself. I am struggeling with all the same issues. The people around me are sad to seee me like this, but aren't sure how to make it better..just like your situation. Has something tragic happened to you recently or ever in your life?

  • I get support but I think I m troubling them every day by telling today i Have this thing that thing .THey say get check up why have you become like this and all they also feel sad

  • I think none can understand how we feel unless they experienced anxiety. It's very difficult for our love ones to see us like this and they can't do anything to make us think different.

  • Ya I knw That is why I m here searching for people who can understand what I m going through

  • I'm exactly the same, this time last year I fixated on headaches and was convinced I had a brain tumour which made my symptoms worse due to stressing myself out, I'm phobic of cancer and anyone who's had or has it, every ache or pain I feel i convince myself it must be cancer and end up having all sorts of tests done! I know how you feel it's horrible! i to am only 23, try to stop the googling as hard as it is! It only adds worry to how you already feel. You're not alone!

  • I know hw much ever I try not to think of these I m getting back thinking of these They are always on back of my mind

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