rubbish day :/

Hi all, having rubbish day, feel so run down n full of cold, have,nt had any real panics in a while and then tonight had the old oh bugger my heart stopped beating one, which makes me light headed and dizzy, and its a waiting game for it to start again:/ hate this one. I mean i had a ecg a week ago and it was normal so i know its me being daft, but i get annoyed at myself for being daft:/ and on top of this i feel annoyed as a supposed good friend who promised to ring me while i was home alone at the weekend came up with the lamest excuse as to why she didn't, it appears her phone was broken and the number 3 button would not press!! would of been a buy able excuse if my phone number contained a 3 xx . So im fed up xxx other than that hope you are all having a good day xx


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  • Sorry you are not feeling great either :-(

    Oh it annoys me as well when people tell lies & think you are that stupid you are going to believe it !

    I no in the past I have had situations similar & like you would be so angry & hurt as I would rather people say I didnt have time or I forgot , but dont take me for a fool ! I wouldnt point out either the fact that my number hasnt even got a 3 in it ! but you no what now I do if someone is that daft :-/

    Try not to feel anger , it just hurts us & they dont feel a thing !

    Turn it round & be grateful that you may have anxiety but at least you still have a brain & if you had wanted to make an excuse you wouldnt have been as silly as them & would have at least come up with something that could have been the truth !

    Hope you feel better soon :-)




  • ty whyhwy x Im all vicks and olbas oil trying to stop the rot type thing lol

    x Its worth a try, nip it in the bud x

    I was annoyed at my friend but then i figured that she cannot be that good a friend as she left me in the lurch x I had no way of getting anything i had run out of when the hubby was away and she was supposed to be helping and yet i rang her a few times and she said she was out ( she was on fb though) and then the phone excuse, which now she is sober has turned into the answer button was not working x I think, if im right i need to learnt to help myself more x Im glad my brain still works to some degree lol x Id be buggered if that went down ;) xx

    Likewise with the feeling better xx Donna x

  • I have the olbas oil & you just have reminded me I need some vicks , just sent out for some :-/

    I have heard & I dont no if it works but I am going to try it , that if you rub vicks on the sole of your feet that helps with a cold , dont ask me why or how but so many are saying it , so I am going to give it a go !

    Not sure if it will go down well with my OCD because of the bedding but at the moment think feeling better comes first & I can strip the bed :-/


  • Ah good old vicks:) lovely stuff x we have a year round supply in the medical cupboard, my paranoia about the kids and illness means it has to be this way x

    I have heard the one about the soles of feet, but tbh i have sore feet and it would hurt like buggery x one way to get ya head round being ill though lol x I have decided any ocd i have is nothing now compare to what i have heard on here and after watching that prog last night x how u get through a day is beyond belief x My curtains shall never be deemed wonky again lol xx

  • Oh and i just found another on 4 plus one x ocd cleaners xx

  • I have watched that one before about the cleaners , but didnt relate as much as the one last night even though I am not as bad as they were last night , but I felt for them & could feel their fear

    Having said that there is no way you would ever get me to touch a toilet seat & then lick my hand , that one I had to turn away , thought it was a bit to much !


  • Yeah, who needs Nina or channel. Give me Vicks rub any day, they should atomise that shiz. Xxx

  • :-D

    Well I now have been brought some from the shop , rubbed it every where & cant even smell it !!!!


  • Sending you big hugs xx

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{BIG HUGS }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}




  • ty bonnie x :) Hugs should be classified the best cure for a crap day x

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