Still here :)

Hi all, how are we all x im just checking in after a few days away, well more on n off lol x Ive been busy busy:) As you know being agoraphobic is bloody boring, but the thought of going out is bloody terrifying x But I decided I had to do it one day, so ive continued with my small car journeys x im living it, the houses with decorations up for xmas already is getting me in a jolly mood so its lifting me in all ways x My next step is going for a drive to my local shopping centre x not maybe going in just popping for my fave costa xmas coffee:) xx P.s Dont forget its 3 weeks until will night for why xxx all is going to plan xx just to update you all xx nd why says hi bonnie :) xxx


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  • hi donver, well done, takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing,next stop the coffee shop.

    would be a lovely surprise if why why came back to us after her long awaited night with will, we can only hope, miss her loads. take care. xx

  • ty Newton x Im trying my best and that's good enough for me :) xx

    It would be lovely to have why back yes x we are now doing the majority of our talking on Facebook lol x I will pass it all on what you say x Hope all is well your end xxx Donna

  • Hi Donna, glad you are doing good on the car drives, I used to love costa coffee, Donna thank you for the message from whywhy, Sounds like she did not get my message, I did wonder. will speak with her after tea :) and good work you keep it up :)



  • Hi Bonnie and ty x Im getting there feels good being out and about, hows loosing the shades going?? I think she said it was a bit slow the communication x She always asks how you are though x Donna xx

  • I need to look at that, as have contacted her twice, I just thought she was busy :( the shades doing here and there, not been good today, had panic attack when got up as usual, then went out with daughter, took her to tescos, waited in car, had palps while waiting for her to come out, but also while waiting smoke was coming out of my bonnet, I thought o no not now please, so the palps got higher and higher, got home layed down on sofa, where the palps have continued all day again, so fed up with them :( in bed now and they still at it :(



  • Glad whywhy is ok. I have got her email address so will contact her on fb soon. Please give her my love meanwhile.

    Bev x

  • I will do hyper xx Yes she is all good and the flu bug almost gone xx :)

  • Hi Hypercat, we sure will :)



  • Hi Donver

    Glad you are keeping busy lol. Tell whywhy I'm asking for her xx

  • Hi Ashley x ty xx Im trying and will do x

  • Hi Ashley, Whywhy said she is ok and doing fine, and she hopes you are too :)



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