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Anyone here suffer GERD/LPR? Not sure of the difference!

I've got good news and bad news. The good 'un is that all heart problems are now ruled out. The family history thing in my late grandfather was a blip so I can safely trust my echocardiogram. However my cardiologist bought up the interesting fact that I probably have acid reflux. What they weren't clear on is whether I have GERD, LPR or even anything like an ulcer or something like my GP mentionned today. This is what I experience, but from checking some GERD forums I can see there are mixed opinions on what it could be!

- Mucus in throat

- Tight throat, usually worse first thing in morning

- Some chest and ab discomfort, but not burning, unlike the throat which CAN burn

- Some lightheadedness

- Occasionally food gets stuck swallowing, or pops up again with a bitter taste.

Lansoprazole can take away some of the worst symptoms such as chest and arm pain, but not all of them which is a pity. I've no doubt anxiety is behind some of this, but I'm not sure which acid reflux condition I fit most. I kinda hope it's GERD though, since I REALLY am worried about any throat cancers..!

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Hi, i also hav acid reflux but not most of the syptoms u r describing, also dnt know wot gerd is but 1 thing i do know is how horrible acid reflux is, it is so far away frm normal heartburn. Im having a really bad flare up at the moment myslf as well as IBS which doesnt hlp the matter, feel like my throat has bin burnt wiv acid litraly also get really debilitatin nausea + headaches at night times its worse for som reason, plus also got a lot of wind which i never had b 4 + wnt go in2 2 much detail but also toilet troubles. they do say its all related + ive bin sufferin migrains nearly every nite which along wiv the nausea r drivin me mad. my grandma used 2 say if u hav a migraine trear ur stomache. i really know how u feel + it really is terrible..wiv my recent flare up i was already on lanzoprasol + took gaviscon, drank milk but nothin wld hlp so my doctor changed the lazoprasol 2 omeprazole, there sronger + plus they can also give u higher dose. if i hav a really bad flare up + nothin will hlp at all i take lanzoprasole in morning but also at nite jst until it calms bck dwn. really feel 4 u + hope u sort this out plus dnt eat anythin that upsets ur tummy. kindest regards leeanne.x


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