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Hi everyone, another health anxiety sufferer here.

I haven't logged in for a while, due to extreme anxieties and it seems everyone is new. Yesterday when I woke up I could actually feel my heart beating, a new one for me. Last night I had no sleep due to stomach ache,aching arms, feeling sick etc etc. Of course I convinced myself it was a heart attack as it was all the classic systems but I have been checked many times, the last time just two weeks ago. It does not help that I have a couple of cardiac issues which were diagnosed after about 20 years of different tests. My cardiologist says they are minor and not to worry. He is not the one with H.A!

I am so sorry that there are many sufferers like me. It really ruins lives. I am in a constant fear every day of having a heart attack. It was not helpful to watch Eastenders last night (rubbish TV) I don;t know why he had been clutching his throat for a couple of days., another thing to worry about.

I can;t find the post now but yesterday someone posted about their son having a bruise. Please do not let him google this as bruises can have a really bad outcome but it is very rare. I do not mean to scare you but did not want your son to google it and be more worried. Since I read it I am paranoid if I get a bruise although logic tells me I am being silly. The trouble is with H.A. we do not think logically.

I hope everyone feels a little better today and wish you all well.

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I will say hello to you nice to see you posting even though I wish you were not suffering & I know what HA is like , I suffer with it to

I relate to the bit where your doc says don't worry , I don't or don't think I have the same health problems as you but the little ones I do have mine says the same & do I worry of course I do , like you say easier said than done when you have HA !

Oh the soaps I know what you mean , I actually watch them , but some of the story lines have & do put ideas that are already in my head or new ones & they seem to just come on at the time when you are going through a bad patch , if its any consultation I don't think his acting was that good :-/

Where to separate HA from genuine health problems is one of the most difficult things I have to try & sort out , but I always keep having to say to myself I need to trust the GP , can be easier said than done though

Hope you are feeling a bit better today :-)





Hi WhyWhy, How nice to hear from a familiar name. I was surprised that I did not receive any replies as I used to get a few. I thought you had left last time I posted but it is good you are back. I hope you are feeling better than you were. I think with my anxiety of a heart attack it is also the fear of the extreme pain. All the time I am expecting to have one and then I get symptoms.

It seems all the people who used to post have disappeard but I would be pleased to hear from any new ones as quite a lot seem to have H.A. Any way take care, it was lovely to hear from you, Cathia.


Hi cathia

Yes there are quite a few changes maybe since you were last on but it's nice to see a familiar name pop up like yourself as well as getting to know new people :-)




Welcome back!

I'm sorry you're having a bad time.

I to suffer with h/a, but I've been learning to Mindful when it comes to such anxieties . I just sit quietly and keep saying "be mindful" take deep breathes and relax.

The more you do it the more the mind chatter stops and the more you can relax.

Checkout the website Headspace

I hope this helps you and you feel better:) xxxxx


Hello I am also a sufferer of ha unfortunately. I am waiting for a date for my mole to be biopsied and I'm starting to think how am I going to get through this agonising wait and then wait for the results. My biggest fear is cancer and to think I maybe facing it is just horrific. It's nice to be able to come on here and feel like I'm not on my own although I wouldn't wish anyone this illness I am finding it is help me cope a little better. Hope ur day has got bit better lots of positive live and vibes xxxx


Hi Nicola .....I'm sure everything will be fine no news is good news :-)


Hi cathia was me who has the son with a bruise...I told him he's fine ...that was 2 days ago and he's still himself so for that I'm not worried.... Health anxiety is an evil thing ....we all just need to find our own way to deal with it :-) hope you feel a little better ...I missed eastenders and quite glad too....a sore throat is just that...


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