Anxiety and the worst symptoms that come with it😥😢😤

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that feels symptoms from anxiety. When I first experience this I thought I was crazy, I couldn't breathe, get cold and hot, but eventually it went away. This year some strange things has happened to me. I had tingling in my face sometimes, and I still have the breathing problems where I feel like I can't hardly breathe. I've experience feeling thirsty all the time, I feel like sometimes I'm going to pass out especially if I walk to long. They put me on burisprone which I thought was helping, but I'm still having the breathing problems for some reason when I do have it I just wanna lay down, I also have acid reflux too which my doctor said it's from anxiety, but it could be my acid reflux flurrying up the reason why I feel short of breathe. I feel so alone with this sometimes I just sit and cry. I've also experience short of breathe when I'm driving now which sucks cause every since this happened to me I don't wanna go anywhere at all anymore.


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14 Replies

  • it will be ok I have been living with anxiety and depression for the last 8 years it s never easy symptoms come and go what I learned from my doctor is to ask my self one question why am I having this attack then ask your self am I in any danger because panic attacks happen and then are body is trying to defend it self so we go into panic mode I promise it works it normal to be sad and to feel alone but just remember it is hard for people to understand what you are going trew because they have never felt that way I still feel alone sometime and its still hard to have a good day without anxiety but you need to control it not let it control you

    good luck it can only get better

  • I am going through the same thing as you and I've also been prescribed buspar as well. How is the meds for you? I've been on it for almost 3 weeks now

  • It's sucks. The meds are working it took me along time to try anxiety meds because I have a fear of medication, but I still feel like I can't catch my breath but it comes and goes.

  • Well I can't say if the meds are good or bad because I'm still experiencing a lot if symptoms of panic and anxiety. The only thing I can say that it does is make me drowsy a lot which I need sleep because I was sleep deprived. But I've been noticing muscle twitches, more headaches, upset stomach, and I dint know if it's the meds or just anxiety. Did you have any side effects? Was your appetite ok with this?

  • Kendra30, have you told your doctor that you are feeling thirsty all the time as well as feeling like you are going to pass out when you walk too long?? It wouldn't be a bad idea to have it checked out, those 2 things don't sound like anxiety. My best dear.

  • Wow that frightens me then. I have these same issues feeling like Im about to pass out sometimes. And then says of feeling weak or fatigue and If I go anywhere or do something I feel if I walk to fast or to much I may pass out because of feeling weak. Don't know if it was anxiety or because I was lacking sleep and eating that plays a part in it. But I'd also have times where I hAve dry mouth which I'm not sure if it's anxiety but whenever I had panic attacks I'd definitely get dry mouth

  • Hi Icanbeathis2016. It is never a good idea to put yourself in the same position as someone else, since we all have different health history that goes along with anxiety. I've always recommended that we take what others say with an open mind. Since we are not doctors, what we may say is really for our own protection. You can feel weak if you are lacking sleep as well as not eating. Having a dry mouth is a prominent symptom of anxiety as well as medication we may be on. The last thing I want to do is frighten anyone but when something pops out at me, I don't want to take the responsibility of sloughing if off as anxiety without a doctor checking it out. We are our own best advocates in knowing what may be anxiety and when we need to see our doctor. I am so sorry dear. I feel so bad. Hope you will be okay. x

  • No you don't need to feel bad. I will say this was pretty much a sign of how anxiety and worry gets to me. Your opinion didn't harm me. I did by taking what you said and automatically assuming it meant the same for me. But you're right that we all will experience different health and anxiety issues different and we all have different causes. I do appreciate your advice as it is given genuinely.

  • Thank you Icanbeathis2016....That means a lot to me. I just don't want to miss anything or mislead anyone. You are very kind and I wish you well. x

  • I be scared feeling like this because I'm constantly always thinking the worst about things. I go to the doctor today AGAIN about feeling like I'm going to pass out. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling apart I just wanna get better and not feel this away anymore. I hope yours get better too cause it can be a scary thing,

  • Yes I've told my doctor about it, I've been feeling like this for 2months now and all she told me was it was anxiety. I don't know I'm going back to the doctor today because I still feel like I'm going to pass out, it's hard going to work feeling like this all the time.

  • Kendra30, good luck with the doctor's appointment today. I hope you get some answers to your concern. x

  • Hello my dear, oh how I know exactly how you are feeling. The symptoms of anxiety differ from person to person but every symptom you've named I had it plus more. I told my doctor about and she said it's my anxiety I was prescribe sertraline 50 mg, which did good because some of the major symptoms left after taking the medication for two months, I know it sounds long and it was but I am very happy with now and glad I chose to stick with it. My anxiety haven't went away full blown but I'm able to go out, go grocery shopping now which I haven't done in awhile, and I went to my friends bday party last week and I enjoyed myself. I had some funny feelings but I fought it off and I pray that you will get the courage to fight back with anxiety. All of us have to stand up, because if you don't it will have you down for the long. Be strong

  • Hi, I also suffer from anxiety and breathlessness. Sometimes while walking to's slightly uphill, I would have to stop to get my breath. Also I started getting palpitations. Eventually, I was given some tests and it was found that I also have fluid on my lungs.

    It has got to the point where I wouldn't go upstairs to bed, as just going upstairs winded me. I did put it all down to anxiety. If on you medication and it still doesn't go...or if it's worse with exercise etc, it might be worth getting checked out.

    It's the worst feeling....I hope you feel better soon.

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