Been doing well!!!! Until now :-(

Evening all, hope everyone is doing well?! I've not been on in a few weeks. I had been doing fairly ok, the minor panic issue but nothing major until tonight. I started with a sore throat which is now a chest and throat antibiotics off the dr so all good. I'd forgotten to mention my left leg hurting (it hurt before and was sent to physio) it's kinda like that pain so really I shouldn't worry but as we do we worry it's something worse. Anyway I fell asleep tonight and within the hour I'm waking up in a hot sweat state of sheer pulse, dry mouth, feeling sick, dizzy...the normal stomach burns (excess acid reflux so on the best meds I can be for that) the antibiotics make it worse.... Just thought I'd share this with you all as normally it helps to get it written down to make sense.


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  • Hello, sorry you are not feeling well at the moment. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself and try and relax. Maybe take some probiotic too since you are on antibiotics. And yes good on you for letting it out, I find I too feel better when I share :)

  • Hi petita :-) thank you for your reply...yes sharing anxiety is like a reassurance that's all it is :-)

  • Not well myself at the moment but just thought I'd send my best wishes to you and say I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

  • Hi bonnie :-) Awww thank you and I hope you feel better body is just exhausted I work full time have a child with possible asperges, I get married in 2 days :-) and move house within 7 days lol

  • I have had bad panic attacks. There not fun. There sounds like more is going on has dr done tests to make sure every thing is ok how about thyroid. I had a major attack that lasted almost a year before they discovered it. I would shake all over and had bad panic attacks. It was awful. So I real for you. But stay strong. Take care lorna

  • Hi lorna :-) it's defo just panic attacks I've had blood tests for pretty much everything and they always come back fine :-) thank you for your reply...yes panic attacks really are horrid beast

  • Awe I'm sorry you ha such a rough night :(

    Do you suffer from panic attacks? You described waking up in a panic state with dry mouth fast pulse. This are symptoms of anxiety and yes being sick can make them 100 times worse. When you feel this way try n relax tell yourself you will be ok and take deep breaths and talk to someone a friend or family about the way your feeling. Trust me it helps :)

  • Hi pink :-) I've suffered health anxiety attacks for 10 years now, I have times where it's daily attacks and have times where it's nothing for months...I have a lot going on right now :-) see my reply to bonnie above anxiety is my way of saying ...I know I'm saying I'm ok. But really I'm not :-(

  • Evey I'm so sorry your going through this. You sure do have a lot going on and I know just how you feel with the anxiety. Mine has gotten so bad that my lil girl and I are staying with my parents as I'm terrified to be alone :(

    I know I will get better. One day at a time. No more. No less just keep telling yourself this :)

  • Hi pink :-) have you had cbt therapy? Or read the cbt for dummies book? They helped me a little. Any idea where your anxiety started? Mine goes way back to a not so good childhood and having to be more grown up than I should have been.

  • Hello Evey hope your doing good.

    Yes I've had anxiety for years but didn't realize at the time what it was till my first panic attack about 4 months ago. I was in a stressful relationship and issues with my girls dad and the though of my little girl starting school this year well that's was all too much for me and brought on my first attack :(

    I've heard of cbt yes but haven't tried it.

    I'm working on this program called attacking anxiety and depression by Lucinda Bassett it's a 15 week self help program with tapes DVDs workbook and journal. I'm almost at the end of my first week and I'm enjoying it. Fingers crossed it works

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