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Does anyone suffer like me?

My anxiety really flared up about 9 months ago after having my 2nd child. I Really Want To Believe This Is Just My hormones. With each menstrual cycle I get a different and new symptoms that are just so hard to understand. And every 3-6 months they come back stronger and change. With this last period I had severe head/neck pain that would not go away, felt like a constant pinching pain in my left side head and above the eye, it lasted for almost 2 weeks causing a bad migraine. I also get these little dizzy spells that come and go all day.... Trying Meds Barely helped. With my menstrual cycle before this one I had constant heart flutters and palpitations for a few weeks that were horrible. And a very bad gas pain under my rib cage that made me think possible GERD. 3 menstrual cycles ago, the night before my cycle started I had a sharp shooting pain in my left shoulder that was so strong it made me buckle over and cry. It felt like an explosive pain that would start slow and get strong like a contraction and go away after a few minutes. Once my.period started my arm was extremely sore for days. I've also experienced this same pain in my upper right chest and back. I'm not sure what would cause this. I know all my symptoms have one thing in common. My period! I need some answers, I had test done about 6 months ago, checked for blood clots, thyroid disorders, anemia, heart exam. All came back normal. So what do I do now? I'm starting to feel crazy when I tell my husband the amount of pain I feel on a daily basis, it doesn't sound believable. It's so hard bc it makes life so much harder to enjoy!

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Hi there I also started having issues when my 2nd was 3 months old, she just turned one so it's been 9 months of this crap.

It gets so much worse for me about 14-10 days before my period I get really bad leg issues pain, jelly legs, twitching and vibrations. And lower back pain. I also get shaky feelings and very edgy angry sometimes.

During this period I also had a lot of neck and shoulder pain which was I think making me feel head pressure and lightheadedness and my DP/Dr has returned quite badly. So after this cycle I'm left with the head pressure and DP/DR.

PMS makes normal women experience anxiety, heart palps and aches and pains so it's no wonder us ladies with anxiety and I guess post birth would have a lot more issues also we are so I tune with our bodies that we pay attention and focus on every sensation which can make those sensations intensify.

Are you on birth control? I've been wondering lately if that would make a difference..

Know you are not alone and I hope you get some relief soon :)


I have not tried birth control, I am not for it either. I wonder. Did you have any complications with your birth of this last child by chance? My daughter was an emergency c section bc my fluids were low, she was breach, and I had high blood pressure. Yes my symptoms all started when my daughter was about 6 months old and she's now 15 months,so it's been 9 months as well. This just never really feels like it's possible to have so many issues, I feel like I'm even making some of this up, and maybe I have, and your right I definitely focus on any kind of pain and probably play it up in my mind bc of my anxiety


I had a good labor very quick. My daughter did have colic though and it eased up at 3 months and that's when everything started. To be honest I thought I was handling everything well and happy. It all started with shortness of breath and I worried about it for 3 weeks thinking it was something bad then I started to have heavy arms and legs and aching and stiffness in my hands and wrists. I went to the doctor and she strait away assumed it was postnatal anxiety/depression I was confused because I didn't feel I was depressed or anything. She ran a number of blood tests I had a chest x Ray, everything was fine so after that I felt much better for about 3 weeks then one day the heaviness returned and I started shaking, googled shaking and of course Parkinson's MS etc comes up and my anxiety went through the roof I visited 3 different doctors all said I'm fine, sent me to a therapist and a phychiatrist both said anxiety and panic disorder. Then I started thinking its a heart issue so I got my heart checked out all fine and I have never been the same since. I have had so many different symptoms it is ridiculous and I just want it to be over so I can live my life and enjoy my kids!

I've just told you my whole life story lol

I also am not on birth control I really don't like the idea of it but my husband suggested it may help I would go that roof if someone said it helped.

I've tried antidepressants but I could not get through the side effect period it was just too much I don't know how other people do it. I take Valium only if I absolutely need it and it does help but I'm scared of addiction and all the horror stories ivecread about withdrawal.

Accupunture helped a bit but to expensive to continue. I need to start meditating but ecerytime I try it it makes me cry lol

It's on my agenda to change my diet and start exercise but so hard with the kids and also feeling so horrible it's very hard to get the motivation.

what has worked best for me is to not focus on the symptoms and let them be however it is very hard and a lot of work and I get plenty of set backs. I am a lot better now then I was when it all started, I could not function my husband had to take 2 months off work I couldn't shower or do anything. Now I am functioning normally but I still struggle with my mind and symptoms but it takes a while to get better.

Anyway that's my sob story lol


Your story is so similar to mine, it's like I read my own diary, you have no idea! When this all started my husband also missed several weeks of work bc I was too afraid of being alone with my children, he almost got fired. I also do not like taking any medicationo bc of the shear thought of addiction. Bc I just lost a very close family member to an overdose only 2 weeks before my daughter was born. I take Ativan only when I have to, so I don't freak out. And I have such a strong will that I want to say I fought this on my own, plus I've always had bad side effects with other meds as well. I remember when this all started I was in my room for 3 days crying. And somedays I just cry out of nowhere. I did counseling for 5 months until my counselor quit and I did not want to continue with another one bc i didn't want to have to explain myself all over again. I know I'm slightly depressed and I have a long history of it, but I know I'd be happy if I didn't have such weird body pains all the time. It just takes a toll on me for weeks and I feel like I'd rather die then to keep being in pain somedays. It's the worst bc there never seems to be an explanation. And I too started with the weird vibrations in my legs, that was my first line up of symptoms, I've had the vibrations in my chest as well. The neck pain seems to be my worst as it stays with me for weeks causing shooting pains almost electric like nerves all over my head, pain is unbearable. I have always been told I was not made for birther control, my mother always told me it makes things worse. I'd believe it. It's just our body types. I too keep trying to diet and exercise but the kids tire me out enough, plus I do daycare 30 hours a week for 3 more kids. But when I have my good days I feel like I could conquer the world! You really have to have bad days to really appreciate the good ones. I am 29 years old, I just thought I would add that, and I've had an anxiety disorder since I was 8 years old. And my anxiety flared only once before this when I was going through puberty. Although I've had it under control the rest of the time, it's always been there. I've lost several jobs and still struggle to hold down a job for more then a few months bc of this. I also have crazy realistic dreams/nightmares. Some nights I wake up terrified, it's really nice to know at least one person in this world may be similar to me


I am 30 so we are close in age. I have always been a worrier since childhood and I've had ocd since I was 15 but never in my life until now have I had physical symptoms and anxiety to this extent. A lot of women seem to get this type of anxiety/depression after having a baby so maybe that has flared it up for us. The vibrations scare me I have had them in my head and face too.

Too many anxiety sufferers with clean test results have the same symptoms this must tell us and make us believe it's anxiety? But just so hard even though I know I'm anxious.


Yes I also have OCD. And I know it got worse after having kids bc my routine and life flopped on me. I know what you mean about the anger and feeling snappy. I'm like that sometimes, usually when I get this head ache thing. Im fine one second and then I'm just so mad for reasons sometimes unknown


Hi both, I'm now early 40s and suffered all the symptoms you say after birth of second child 12 yr ago!! It does get easer and you learn to live with it! DO not Google your symptoms. See your health visitor mine at the time was a god send they have see countless women some exactly as you are feeling. Do not be afraid to seek help and advice that's what there there for . Your symptoms are hormonal and anxiety and you must get the help you deserve for yourselves and your families you can beat it and have happy lives.

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