doing good :-)

hi all, took me anti des without any fear at all, didn't even have me or anyone else count them which is a first. ive counted them from day one ova and ova. I feel so much better facing my fear head on. I know the anxiety hasn't just disappeared over night, but im getting there. sitting in the doctors with no symptoms whats so ever and I was in there just over an hour! doctor said once ive had no anxiety symptoms for six months then to go back and see him and start to come off them. I told him I still have symptoms but nothing like it was before. ive got a repeat prescription again as well. ive also been in my house most the day on myown without anxiety which is another first. im finally realising that things can get better. please remind me when im having a bad day how positive im being now lol xxx


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  • Ah i really want to feel as positive as you but just cant at mo i am glad you feeling good about yourself i long to be the way i was but know i have a long way to go you keep going love and keep reminding us we will get there xxx

  • That's great! Keep going love! U will get there honey xx

  • We did alright didnt we donaf ;)

    I got through the dentist trip & had a visitor in my home as well today !

    You are doing great , I am so proud of you as well as happy




  • Yay you got visitor in your house also you went to the dentist! You could of told me!!!! Well done hun! So proud of you!!!!!!!!! I knew it that you can DO it!!!! Xxxxxxx

  • thanx :-) we are doing good whywhy, and good on u, weve both face sum fears today together lol xx

  • Yes we did & we will keep doing so as well donaf ;) we are & can do this !


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