Doing better (:

I haven't posted on here or been on here in two months and im proud to say! I even got myself a job. All the anxiety symptoms I used to suffer from two months ago every single day , that we're constantly consuming my thoughts are gone! But the only annoying thing is since I started this new (and my first job ever) I've had palpitations everyday a few times a day I would say. But this time I'm just letting them do what they want and not worrying because I know This is something new and something I'm gonna have to adjust too now! So anyways , just wanted to say for anyone who is the old me ,on here every single day for months .. it does and will get better , if you allow it too! I'm back to singing in the car and shower , driving wherever whenever , laughing daily and really meaning it , really enjoying time with my husband being silly, going out and doing things I was scared to do for a while .. and I'm by no means completely over all of my anxiety ,I still have thoughts fly through my brain every day that are irrational and fears .. but I'm just not letting them control me and take over anymore because I've just about been through all the symptoms you could think of, so they don't really scare me anymore (:

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  • I am glad to hear that.. are you on meds?

  • Thank you! And No ma'am I felt it best for me that i didn't want to feel like I needed to be dependent on medicine

  • How did you overcome come it was your anxiety severe? Mines is and I have obsessive thoughts:(

  • It was terrible , literally sat at home thinking I was dying everyday because I had such crazy symptoms every single day. Honestly all I did to get over it was just what youve probably read on how to get over it .. stop carring and analyzing and trying to figure everything out because there isn't anything to figure out . It's all steming from your thoughts and you have to learn to just let it all happen and eventually it slowly gets better. I'm no expert I'm only a 19 year old girl but that's what's helped me a lot ,and I hope it gets better for you !

  • Hi C-K-J, isn't it nice to sing again? To smile and laugh at the silliest things in life? You found the answer and that is to not let anxiety scare you anymore. Continued good luck.. I'm right there with you.

  • Yes ma'am it really is! Thank you Agora, you too!

  • yay!! im glad to hear that!! just keep up what you're doing , you are so strong and brave

  • Lovely lovely news so thrilled for you I think you said it all when you said you are getting palpitations but you are not worrying about them It's fantastic you have let go not fighting anymore

    I wish you a 100β„… symptom free happy life


  • Thank you so much ! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜€ you as well (:

  • Lovely lovely news so thrilled for you I think you said it all when you said you are getting palpitations but you are not worrying about them It's fantastic you have let go not fighting anymore

    I wish you a 100β„… symptom free happy life


  • That is great good for you not letting beat u x I wish every day I could jus stop these awful symptoms. But I feel I'm in a no win situation . Even considering medication . I did beat this once before and family keep saying to me u will again but at the moment jus can't see it.

  • I am so pleased to read that you are doing so wellπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ you are an inspiration to everyone out there that you can be cured. Wonderful to hear you are now working and enjoying your life. It is true that you do have to take matters into your own hand and conquer anxiety. However some do have it really severe and have let it control them for a long time, but reading your example will give everyone hope. Well done continue to feel well and keep smiling πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • You're exactly right! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  • Glad you are enjoying life again .

    Well done you x

    I am going backwards for some unknown reason ..

    Feel scared every time I feel strange sensations in my lower teeth that won't leave me !!

    That horrid tummy feeling !!which I hate ...

    All you anxiety people on here prob know what I mean .

    Wondering if a better approach is to go with it , recognise it , aware it's there and try and carry on regardless , I think it could be a better option if I can be strong enough to go with it ... maybe better than meds as when the meds becomes use to my system it seems to ware off and anxiety creeps in !!

    I am finding , on good days , the Dare audio helps ..great book or audio ...

    Would like to hear from any one that can help me. back on track

    Also going to anxiety help / support evening next week ...

    Think I have done similar in past when things were no where near so bad , so maybe a refresher might help where I feel so down and pathetic at present ...

  • Paulina21,

    Im by all means no expert, however, I have found yoga to help quiet the mind a bit and help me relax. Mindful meditation, as well.

    Wishing you peace.


  • Thankyou for your message .

    Read your profile .. gosh you've been through it !!!

    Glad you have a great hubby to help you through ...

  • Thank you for the Dare tip. I will be downloading it. My body does some weird things from anxiety. I get extremely cold and my left ear turns bright red. Learning to turn the mind to focus on one thing, even just breathing, can be difficult. Sometimes it feels down right impossible. Some days I feel like I'm taking 1 step forward 2 steps back. I'm definitely a work in progress. We all are. Loving yourself and others is the key... some days, that can be really difficult. Everyone on here is in the same boat. No judging....just compasion.


  • Dare audio can be a great help ,


    Hope you feel the same

  • lol yes ma'am it's been rough! Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (: thank you!

  • So Happy for you! 😊😚 keep in touch!

  • I'm very happy for you. What a great story. I like how you've accepted the symptoms and worry less about them.

  • Good news! Keep up the good work!

  • That is so true that sense of humour can really stop anxiety . I found that I would start laughing at it and not listening to the thoughts .. I love being silly and instead of getting frustrated at anxiety I would take a different approach to it and just not be scared anymore ,, it does take time but eventually you will end the fear cycle

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