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Doing good :-)

Took my anti depressant again today, (well tonight).thats two days and guess wat no fear either. I'm not saying I won't ever have fear again but I haven't had none two days in a row which is good I will remember that wen I feel my fear building up.I've had a really good day tbf, even been in the house most the day on my own (other then my youngest son) without even a thought of anxiety which is good. Maybe knowing that my son is actually getting seen to is helping me. I know there's still a long way to go with getting him the help he needs but being on the right track now as took a weight off my shoulders xxx

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Was looking for you , well done donaf , you are doing brill

I wish i could do as well I took a vitamin today & guess what I got a side effect ! in my head i think

It will help your mood the more peace of mind you get with your son & you will do this as you are a brilliant mum

Look for you tomorrow ;)


whywhy xxx


Thanx whywhy, u do, do well just don't realise. Talking about it, and pointing out where u know ur problems r like with mediaction is good. I did always get the side effects so before I can give myself time to read the leaflet its gone in the bin lol like wen I red on the anti des wen I first started taking them that they cud make u feel worse before better. Guess wat I got worse, I felt mega down but I think reading that it stuck in my head! I do try my best with my kids, but we all do. Since anxiety I don't let my son out the street and I know I've gotta give him space to grow up and go out with his mates. That's an hardle I've gotta pass in the summer. He's at high school september! Which I am not looking forward to. The worrying is neva ending but I'm just trying to go with the flow, one day at a time. Hope ur ok xxx


well donaf , I have took a vitamin , sat here with a bad stomach & sooo wished i hadnt took it , because yes i am thinking i have reacted

My problem to . reading them leaflets , but along with google I am putting a ban on them as well

Bless you I no what you meen about letting your son out , used to be exactly the same , but saying that we did live in an area where the kids were bad

You have to let him though & you will , you will worry maybe , i no I did , hated every minute till he came back & used to love it when it rained so I could say you should stop in

He is 18 now & can go to pubs , he has only been a few times he is not over keen & 2 b honest its a relief , on the odd time he goes I lay in bed till i hear him come in !

You will do it though , we have to , & you have this site with all of us who will help you when you need us ;)





That's great!! :-) xx


Good news Donaf, you're doing really well :)


Well done..... I hate being on my own too so understand.... Be proud of yourself xxx


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