anxiety taking over

Hi guys

I thought I was feeling a little bit better lately but with recent problem @work my anxiety took over again...I got my self in a problem bigger then me..but I witnessed something and I had to report it for moral reasons..I suppose I didn t fully understand what I had to go through after the report...lots of stress,turmoil of emotions,not peace of mind even though I m still sure I have done the right thing and I would do it again if I have to.but my life at the moment is upside down..I feel nauseous all the time and dizzy and constantly worried about everything and everybody.Is this the price to pay to have some justice?maybe.surely a person like me doesn t need added stress to my daily intake...I love my job and after few months of recovery I found a job and life looked brighter but with this headache now I m not sure...will I go through it?I hope so.I had few crisis in my life and I always came back...


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  • Hi train80, you've done the right thing... I prob would have done then the same and then felt like that.... like you say you've gone through it before and always come back and you know it will pass and then you will feel very pleased with yourself that you did the right thinG!!

    Just blog on here and let it all out and get support where you can!! Sending you lots of luck and love, you know you can do it....


  • Hi Anne

    I kept this secret with me for a week and I found it difficult to speak to somebody about what I ve seen..I found difficult to talk even with my close family..I felt alone and I was worried that people wouldn't believe me.I was swimming in the middle of a ocean bymyself.U re right I should come here and let the steam out more often..I driving my family mad with my worries.You know with GAD people is always thinking about the same thing over and over again..well that s what is happening to me and I m sick of it!!!Thank you for your words it means a lot to me



  • Ive a good family too but i stopped telling them what was going on in my head cos I thought they'd be thinkg 'for gods sake get a grip' they all think Im ok.... but letting my feelings out on here has stopped me going doing that slippery slope, I was really struggling, but on here I know people understand and I dont feel wierd anymore....

    You know youve done the right thing so be very proud of yourself... it will pass hun.... just remember that....

    Keep blogging... thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and love xx

  • Thank you Anne xxxx

  • You said it Train !!!!! You always come through these things, yes you do my love!! Don't feel punished for doing the right thing. You are a good , decent person and it's good you are around. You can do this........standing on your head :) xxxxx Ella xxxxx

  • Thank you hun..I just hope is going to be over soon



  • This sounds familiar to me. i have done/ said something for justice and ended being the one who feel the stress, feeling guilty and all sorts. I think you will go over this, done the right thing.

  • Thank you Matosh for u re post is stressfull indeed.Somebody of my family asked me if after this experience I would do it again and I say yes..I hope it will be worth it!



  • Hi Train,

    One of the more annoying side effects of anxiety is the way in which it makes you question everything.

    You know what you saw and you know you had to pass it on. That's your duty and you know it's the right thing. Not nice at all but something you had to do. Then along comes anxiety and suddenly you doubt yourself; have I done the right things, should I have done something else, what if, what if???!!! Your mind is in turmoil and anxiety is having a field day.

    I know, love, because I'm exactly the same: driving myself mad over decisions that in my heart I know were right in the first place.

    The only thing I came suggest is that you try to recognise it as the voice of anxiety and then use your acceptance techniques to acknowledge but not engage with the thoughts. It takes practise but it does work.

    Best Wishes,

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