Anxiety attacks are taking over my life!!!!

I'm new to the group just thought of getting in touch with people with the same problem I've now suffered with panic/anxiety problems for around 3 months they really frighten me I feel like I'm going to die and can't breathe I'm finding this really really upsetting and hard to deal with its really taken over my life I also lost my job through this hate my life at the minute 😭💔xxx


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  • It feels horrid doesn't it? Have you tried any relaxation stuff from to youtube or Google Andrew Johnson if you like a calming Scottish voice. Hope you have talked to your doctor about how you feel.. There are lots of us out there that look calm and don't feel so good. You probably pass people in the street feeling just like you.

  • Hi. Sorry to hear of your distress. You are right - anxiety is difficult to deal with and can be tremendously depressing and upsetting. The first thing to realise is that you are not alone. There are many people on here who have gone through, or are still going through, situations like yours. You will find support and understanding here. Your anxiety began three months ago you say. Was there any particular event that triggered it? You did not mention seeing a doctor yet, so maybe that is something you can do asap? In the meantime you can try try distraction techniques and breathing control exercises. If you are able to use apps, there is a very good one that helps with your breathing. It is free from google play and is called PACED BREATHING. Distraction techniques will be anything that moves your focus off your health and onto something else, even if just for a short time. But the best help will come from talking with your doctor. I wish you well.

  • Hi Kdavid: I always look forward as to what you have to say. It seems like we come from the same school of thought. Today, I got an unexpected call that a family member was coming over to drop off a gift. They know that I have been avoiding visiting with anyone. I want to be alone and try to get better. I am ashamed to say, I hid upstairs in my room until they left. I was over the top with anxiety and decided to take my relaxation tape, with in a rocker in my room and start deep breathing. By the time my therapist called me back I was calmed down. Deep breathing and using meditation really is the way to go for me. Thanks kdavid for all your input. Wishing you well.

  • Thank you for your kind and generous wishes. I am happy that you have found some relief from your difficult situation. You can build on that now, aiming for a more permanent solution. I really believe that it is so important to find the triggers, and eradicate that root cause. But if you continue to be 'happy' with the way forward you have found today then maybe that will do for now :-) I really hope that you continue to overcome your anxiety and get well again. Don't hesitate to keep up the communication.

  • Thank you so much for your response. You are right, unless we find the trigger as well as a solution, the anxiety will continue.

    Over the years, I've gotten all the help I need including every modality to fight anxiety. Unfortunately, my life is not the best and so the anxiety and fear continue. I am stronger than I use to be and because of my need to help others, I will continue to conquer this fear. Thanks for making my day. Have a good evening.

  • This has now reached a serious level because it has affected you so much you have lost your job, now you have even more time to think about your symptoms which will multiply. I suggest you do breathing techniques and find a good relaxation tape. Also go to see your doctor to at least get some temporary relief. The quicker you get your life back on track the better, this will not happen overnight but you will be on the way to recovery. Try to think positive, this is just a temporary problem, something must have triggered this and eventually it will go away. Seek help ASAP and feel comfort in knowing that there are people out there who have suffered and overcome this. Let me know how you get on, be strong and fight this, you will win 😊😊xx

  • Thank you everybody for your comments and making me feel so welcome I have been given tablets from my doctor propranolol they are called I felt a bit weird and on edge when I started taken them so I stopped I have returned to my doctor explaining this but he told me to carry on with them,again tonight as I sit here I feel all breathless,keep going hot and cold and feel all panicky it's really getting to me now 😔Xxx

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