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Anxiety is taking over

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Hi all I'm having really bad problems with anxiety it's killing me inside I have seen so many people over the years to help me I. E hypnotherapy psychotherapist and now a psychiatrist I have two children

One birth was trauma and the other was ok I have been given lots of different tablets which have not agreed with my system am physically and mentally drained some days I feel a little better and other I can't move cause my body freezes up I can't sleep atall and if I do I get one hour and then wake up with palpitations and sweating I have a job but currently off with this illness I can't seem to see the light I have constant stress attacks and am riddled with guilt over what's happening I feel I need to check into hospital to get myself right has anyone else had these problems I think I'm going to loose everything thanks for listening

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I know exactly how you feel,anxiety has taken over my life to,I think about it all the time,it's making me miserable,the only time I feel ok is when I have a few pints but then the next day is horrible,its a viscous circle

I don't drink as I find it only ruins my system more The following day I'm under a psychiatrist for help thanks for the reply regards alan

identifying the true anxiety helps. Sometimes it's just a fear of the unknown and always expecting the worse. It really helps to take one day at a time. Believe you are healthy and whole and nothing can hurt you.

Having a tough birth can give you post traumatic stress. It's not easy being a mom. I hope you get help from your husband, if not that might be part of it. Deep Breathe and say I am fine, nothing will hurt me, nothing can bother me, except my reaction to it. I will not react with anxiety, only calmness.


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Thanks for the reply I'm a male not female I just like to talk about it as I find it helps me regards alan

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Your advice makes a lot of sense I have tried mindfulness and find it helps I can't afford to lose my job but I can't seem to shake this off regards alan

I am very sorry that you are feeling so low and fearful at the moment. The description of your symptoms reminds me of what I experienced when I was severely depressed. You don't mention whether you are on anti-depressants? Whatever other people think of them, they helped me to get better, along with the sacrificial support of family and friends, one of whom is now my wife. Other people really are important, so I am sad that you don't mention anyone else, apart from professionals. If you have nobody close to you then I suggest that you contact a local mental health users support group. Fantastic as this forum is, there is nothing like face-to-face contact with someone who understands and can give you a hug! Please remember that feeling shame and guilt about being ill is one of the symptoms of depression. It is NOT YOUR FAULT! No-one should feel guilty if they are ill - stuff just happens. Do look at the website which has some great material to help you look at your situation in a more positive way. Rest as much as you can, drink loads of water, if you manage to do anything, however small, then give yourself a clap and a reward. Above all, be confident that this will NOT last for ever. YOU WILL GET BETTER!

Sorry Alan I read that wrong. Since you are a guy with two children you probably have a lot of pressure on you and it's all new and stressful.

Be there for your kids, they can make you feel better when you look at life from a childs eyes. If they are older they can be supportive when you are feeling down, if you let them. You might benefit from a family trip to Disneyland to refresh and then come back to work with a new perspective or maybe a retreat alone to gather your thoughts.

I would seriously throw out the medication,s it could be making things worse.

Deep Breathe and enjoy nature and the world around you. Think of all you have instead of what you don't have

I will get better

We are here for you.

Hi Almo3534, There comes a time that we may know that we need more than therapy, a psychiatrist and medications. Hospitalization can play an important part in the healing process. It is more intense as well as specialized for the need of each patient. I came to that point at one time and took the leap of faith that it would help. And it did. I would suggest talking it over with your psychiatrist to see if it's an option. Besides in patient, many hospitals offer day hospital it that would be more feasible for you. It's your life and you have every right to be your own advocate. Keep strong and stay positive. The forum is an understanding and supportive place that you can always come to as well. Take care of yourself.

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