so so so low

Well i have to let it out it is eating at me.... my depression is getting hold of me and i can not get control of it :( i am 27 years old and a dad of 2 little girls, I was living with them but on new years day this year my Ex of 8 years told me to leave.

She could not take my depression and my issues with going out side,i am in a dark place with out my little girls by my side and i just cant see a way to get out of this black hole.

I want to go and meet new people to make friends but I just cant seem to find a way to get my self outside with out the panic and fear beating me.

I live in a small world that is just me and my depression.. well that's how it feels, and the panic attacks are just to much for me to control,i have been this way for over 8 years and i just can't beat it.

i feel so so low.



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  • Hi Trip, I had to let me son live with his dad as he terrorised me and my family, so I know how it feels to lose your child, it is awful.But your girls still need you and thats every reason to soldier on!! It will pass, just try take little steps, are you taking anti-dep?? You deserve someone who will stand by you and your depression so dont gtive up, you are not alone and keep posting and letting it out...sending much love xx

  • Hi Anna thank you so much for your message back, yes i am on anit-dep's and have been for such a long time.

    I will not hide that i cry my eyes out every day thinking of my kids and how much i just want to get better to let them have a dad that can do things with then.

    I feel so bad putting my issues on other people but i just can't keep them in any more..



  • Don't feel bad, were all here to help each other!! You are with people who understand so let it go! Maybe you could go back and see your gp for some support, see if there is anything else they can do to help you?? xx

  • Hi Trip. You are not putting your issues on other people, we are all on this site to help each other. No one can understand as well as someone who has experienced the emotions and anxiety. Don't keep your emotions in!

    Have you had your medication re-checked by your doctor? Maybe you need an adjustment, especially considering the stressful situation?

    I agree with Anne, you want someone who will stand by you. I can't imagine the pain you feel right now with the separation from your two girls. Please know that we are thinking of you and sending you strength.

    xox Cass

  • thank you ,i have been to see y GP and they are looking at getting me to do some CBT and also go to some Anxiety meetings i just hope i can go.



  • Hi Terry, that's why we are here love. We are all in the same boat but some are below deck at the moment. The waves and winds come and sway us and at times knock us completely over but.....we get back up....sometimes slipping and sliding but we get up. Some times the water is calm and we just glide along and enjoy every minute. You sound heartbroken, and it's only natural that you do love. I know you are going to do the very best you can for those little girls. Maybe your anti depressants need changing? I would visit your GP who may send you for some counselling?someone to help the way you are thinking. You will make it above deck you know. Make that appointment Terry, and let us know how you are, Love and Hugs x Ella x

  • Just seen your post! we must have all been writing at the same time lol. Try to make the anxiety meetings love, if not maybe they have one to one phone calls or someone to visit you. You can ask for nothing :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you Ellabella its so nice to talk to people that know what i am talking about.

    I love the way that you made me picture my depression i have been trying for so long in my head to think of how i see it and you have made it clear.

    thank you so much for taking the time to message me back it means so much.



  • No problem my love xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I read your line that youv,e suffered for eight years and feel you cannot beat it.....never despair I was the same ,I never beat it .I acccepted that was just me AT THAT were not born with this.your true centre as a child did not know depression or anxiety........just as you became unwell.....You can become well....I was worse and yet today i,m well..........TODAY........because thats all that matters.One day at a time. Follow your doctors directions..get

  • thank you stde i will try my best to take this one day at a time i am so happy to know it can be beaten .



  • Trip hello, everytime you say a negative then say a positive, always remember your girls maybe. I'm really struggling with depression at the mo and stde is so right, we were not born this way we can change and I believe with a positive attitude you really can do this. It's a small start but its all about baby steps. Positive people = confident people and confidence in yourself is a huge part of what you are missing as I am too. Hope you put new things into practice and see if only a little difference to start but in time you will be the person you've always wanted and can be. X

  • Hi I'm so sorry that you are feeling like this but please don't let depression & panic pull you down. Have you try to take magnesium supplements as they does help about 1-2 week after taking it as it help me a lot!! Try think positive thoughts without thinking negative one? Stay strong and sending you a hug as you are not alone x

  • And vitamin b complex but I swear by seven sea called energetic radiant which got complex vitamin b in it with vitamin c and fish oil which is good for everything! X

  • thank you i will try them out. :)

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