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Anxious mum needing to know im not the only one !

Since having my 3rd child 12 weeks ago I have started suffering with severe anxiety about my childrens health ! My baby daughter was taken into hospital at 4 weeks old with a rly nansty chest infection she was on oxygen for a week and tube fed which was a rly worrying time, since she has got home she has thrived but things have gon down hill for me !

I am now constantly worried she will stop breathing when she is asleep I am checking her constantly day and night. Over the last few weeks things have got worse still and I am now just as anxious about my 2 older children who are 20 months and 4 and a half . I am constantly checking there breathing and temperature . An just to add fule to the fire my 4 year old had a tonsillectomy last week which has made me worse still.

This is both mentally and physically exhausting . Has anybody else ever felt like this .I feel completely alone amd helpless . My Gp has referred me foe CBT but there is a waiting list ). Anyone got any advice on how to cope :-(

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Hi loopsyloo

You have your hands full 3 children all under 5 wow , well done for copying !

You are already going to be feeling run down baby is still just 3 months & one at 20 months & a 4 year old ! (super mum comes to mind lol )

Your newborn , its always an anxious time & as she got an infection that has added to the thoughts all mums have with newborns , but what a strong little baby , she fought it of & is fit & well , she has shown you what a strong little girl she is , grown ups having been having chest infections & nor recovered as well & as quick !

Then I understand your 4 year old then has to have a tonsillectomy , which is quite common for children to have & alot better the younger they are if they need this & is fit & well now

I understand your worry & its been a emotional time for you hun as a mother I no how precious our children are but try & turn this in to a more positive thought , they have been ill , come through it & shown mummy just how strong they are !

You will be mentally & physically exhausted & hope you have support & when ever you get the chance have some you time , even if its just a nap you need

Try to focus how strong your babies are

Thank goodness you GP has referred you to CBT i no there is a waiting list but it wil soon come round

Sorry if this hasnt helped much

Keep posting on here & express how you are feeling , great support from lovely people


whywhy xxx


Hi hun, welcome 2 this site. every1s so nice + will give u plenty suport. ur jst another sensitive soulas the rest of us on ere. uve jst had a baby so emotiions r all over the place. i hav only 1 child due 2 a rare condition i went through wen pregnant, was worst time of my life, plus only other timr i haf severe anxiety b4 my recent nervous brkdwn. so went through hell 4 9mnths 2 hav my daughter, knew after that i would not b able 2 hav any more children no matter how much i wanted mote kids so as u can guess shes my world, my miricle child, my everuthing. i live + breath 4 her + i get thoughts like wot if she dies? ill hav 2 kill myslf. wot if wot if + u can c hoe these thoughts spiral out of control. wiv ur post pregnancy hormones + u bein sensitive this is how ur anxiety is potraying itslf, this is totaly normal. thoughts r so unbelievably powerful, this is were CBT will come in useful 4 u. it worked 4 a freind of mine who had lst a baby so wen she had her nxt 1 yrs later she had these unwanted thoughts + CBT totaly hlped her. I dnt know weather u suffer frm depression or r on antidepressants its somthin u will hav 2 discuss wiv ur GP. u dnt want 2 b sedated bein a new mum wiv 3 babies 2 look after. maybe u could try somthin herbal as these r only mild + dnt normaly cause problems but the bst way 2 hlp u is 2 tackle these thoughts. try 2 write them dwn so u can c them 4 wot they r + keep a diary, ud b suprised 2 how this can hlp. wiv kindest regards leeanne.x


Yes writing thoughts down is a great way of diminishing there hold and importance. As mums we feel the urge constantly to protect our children from anything, this is out of love, natural maternal instinct, fear of them being hurt and the pain/guilt we would face if anything

happened to them. But remember for mums to be on top form we have to look after ourselves

Physically, mentally n emotionally, I know its difficult with 3 small children but make sure you get sm time to yourself, remember you are important, be nice to yourself, do smthing nice for yourself everyday, 5mins in the bath, a cuppa wth a pal, reading a magazine, a walk out by yourself. You have recognised this early which is great im sure you learning more about it and CBT will help you. Take care D


Thank you for all you supprtive comments . Although my husband trys he still cnt see why im acting like this . Its nice to have people who dnt judge you and are so willing to offer advice :-)


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