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Could the only reason my GP isn't putting me on medication could be because im not 18 yet!?

I've been suffering with a panic disorder and severe anxiety for nearly 4yrs. It was particularly bad in November (stopped going to 6th form and working from home) and i struggled to get out of bed until 12ish, felt dizzy and totally out of it until late afternoon, and avoided all social situations.

Now things are a little better, I still feel house bound (unless it's to go somewhere 'safe' with my mum e.g.shopping) and still make excuses not to meet up with friends. However, now it only takes me 15mins to come round in a morning and for the past month haven't had many strange feeling days.

But I know i'm still not right, i'm forever making excuses not to do things that I know will bring on my panic or anxiety, i feel so trapped.

I never know whether to ask my doctor to go on medication or not because im constantly up and down. One month i can put up with the anxiety and can feel like im making progress and then the next month i could be going through total hell and dispair.

Last weekend when the weather was nice and sunny i almost felt i was back to normal and that i could do anything. Now the weather has changed my anxiety came flooding back after such a nice weekend. I was so upset and annoyed that something like the weather can determine my anxiety!!

I've been having CBT for 7months and feel like im making extremly slow progress, ive promised to go on a holiday in the summer with my friends and then im meant to be going to uni in Sept.

But right now i can't predict how i'll be at that time, its really stressing me.

Is medication the answer for me?

Sorry for rambling on! xxx

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Have you had an official diagnoses of Panic Disorder by a Psychiatrist? Were you referred for CBT by your GP?


Hi, yes I was referred to CBT by my GP in October 2012 and have been diagnosed with a Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety by my GP and therapist in November last year, but have been suffering for around 4years.


My Grandaughter is 18 and had panic and depression, she always felt safer sitting near a door or anywhere for easy exit, I know the feeling. The Doc put her on Citalopram and CBT and after a time she began to gain confidence and is fine now. She does still have a small dose of citalopram but that doesn't bother her Doctor at all he has no hesitaion in giving her the medication. I have gone through the same problems and sometimes still do, so I have been able to help her with reassurance and understanding. . You will recover but it takes time. Thinking about you from cotonroad.


Hi, yes when i was at 6th form i had less symptoms of anxiety when i was near an easy exit. Just wish i would have got help sooner and learnt how to cope while i was at 6th form, now i almost have a phobia of going back because thats where all my panic attacks happened. But im now having a phased return where i go in 3times per week when college is empty. I'm just finding it really difficult to cope with the physical syptoms of anxiety!

Thank you for commenting, it is reassuring to know that people can recover.x


Has your GP said that medication is a bad idea, not suggested it?


In March i went with my mum to the gp to ask if there was anything else they could do for me, as well as cbt, they said as i'm not yet 18 she doesn't want to put me on meds as there is a chance of my anxiety getting worse. So she referred me to have accupuncture alongside my cbt, but i feel there things are having little effect, and i don't know whether to go back and push to try medication. I've been like this for years and just really exhausted with everything!


As Knowles has said, if I were you I would request to see another GP for a second opinion. I understand why your Doctor is reluctant to prescribe you medication at such a young age but if your mum is OK with it then I would go for that.


Yes I think i am going to try it, i think that if there is a chance of things getting better, then it's worth a go. Just a little scared if it doesn't work



I would go to another doctor. If you mum is happy for you to take medication and you need it, go for it at a small dose, you dont want to miss your holiday

I take effexor ,its good for anxiety


MY grandaughters GP had no hesitation and she will soon be off the citalopram as her anxiety and panic have improved with age and building up confidence. We sometimes have trigger points where the memoriy can be jolted by a previous episode, its a bit daunting but does fade into the background when one understnds what happening. Sorry you are having this so young but all I can say is that if help had be available when i was young I would have been saved so much anguish. In those days the doc just said' don't be siily child its you imagination' Chin up and a hug from cotonroad


Why is she coming off citalopram?


Doing it gradually because she feels she no longer needs it, I was on the same tablet three years ago and also came to a point when I could cope without, it does come even though it doesn't seem possible when one is suffering. Kathryn also had some really good CBT and understnding from her friends and that helped a lot. Its no longer hush hush as in my day as so many hit these difficult times.and also its talked about on the TV. Andre and Johnny ball have both been through Panic and depression and did bring it out in the open. Hope this helps from cootnroad .


Cath, the trigger points are when you go back into a place where it happened.before Go there and sit through it, let it pass like a wave, hard going but it will let go, its all in the mind and can't do you any harm. Nothing will happen to you apart from the extra strong heart beats, feeling hot and shaky, all not nice but you will win. Can you take someone you can trust as a companion. Nothing will happen to you its the sensitive mind overworking and we are obviously extra sensitve people. takes all sorts. From cotonroad.


It sounds like you've been through some kind of traumatic experience that has brought you to this point - I wonder what it was that happened around 4yrs ago- sometimes a terrible experience involving bullying, being made fun of - hormonal changes - a sudden loss, life changing event - or watching someone else going through traumatic event or violent assault - or of course an accident - It sounds like your doctor is being really sensible and helping you deal with whatever the underlying cause in a practical way rather than burying the cause with medication - because at the end of the day it remains buried only to resurface at the most inopportune moment - medicating never actually deals or resolves the root cause it merely delays it all as happened to me. You still have to come back to it because it's sitting there waiting in your subconscious!

Be gentle with yourself, be patient and be kind to yourself, you didn't end up in this situation on purpose, it was never your fault - we aren't robots - we're made of skin, bone and sensitivity - if it only takes 15 mins to come round in the morning give yourself 10 GOLD STARS for the COURAGE to keep going-

You're not rambling you're telling it like it is - it's your story of recovery - you could be still lying there refusing to move - but you're NOT -

Maybe you need to begin with your OWN core needs - rather than promises made to friends - your priorities might begin with promises to yourself and your own wants and needs - maybe it's too soon after what you've been through - You need to put YOURSELF FIRST - it's your life and your emotional safety that should come first - You will be feeling fragile and vulnerable and you don't need any unnecessary setbacks - true friends will understand your situation and they won't demand unrealistic things of you - they'll accept your need to have time to get well - ((Big HUGS))xxx


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